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For Nomanono's Haven

These free channelings are a gift from Spirit Benevolent Beings, wanting to guide us all with their wisdom that comes from Unconditional Love for each and everyone of us. They are teaching us ways to uplift ourselves, especially now, with all the challenges that are around us. They are helping us to Not be in Fear, which is the opposite of Love. These have been coming through me since August 2022.

Available Channelings

Read free channelings below...

Personal Channeled Written Communication Testimonial

"Thank you so much for sharing your gift of channelled written messages. l am honoured to receive the message of love and support from my great grandmother at such a pivotal point in my spiritual journey. Words alone cannot express the way your written text has brought colour and lightness to my world. Every piece of genuine guidance received in your messages has helped me to climb out of the karmic hole l had created for myself and l see things much clearer as a result. It  is reassuring to know that your wisdom and intuitive healing is  readily available and always shared with compassion and understanding. Thank you and bless you."


- Jayne, Sheffield

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