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A Moment with Goddess Isis (24/04/24)

Beautiful Beloveds of Mother Earth, My Beautiful Sister Gaia, I come to you in this moment, with my arms soo wide open, and my heart opened in its vastness, showering you all with my deepest Love that is vaster than the Universe you are living in! I continuously flow my Love to various planets that I am associated with. I Am also known as “SHE OF A THOUSAND NAMES.” I hold each and everyone of you in my loving bosom. I am here because you all, whether you are aware of this or not, summon me with your love as well as your struggles. You are on journeys of releasing all that doesn’t serve you.

This is a journey that is filled with so much ups and downs. The moments when you are in joy, trust, love, and immediately, you are taken on a journey of deep pain. Not trusting anyone. Not knowing if you are doing the right thing or not. Worrying and concerned about whether you made the right decision in the first place. Judging yourself and judging others.

Beloveds, as the love energies flow, powerfully from the Creator/God’s Word/Direction/Decision/Choice into planet Earth, these energies are coming in various forms and directions, impacting your bodies, as you go about your daily routines. You are therefore being cleansed at a very deep cellular level, without you really knowing. You may be feeling all different feelings within yourselves. Then of course, feeling what you see as negative, or even situations that you view as negative and chaotic in your experiences, showing up.

Beloveds, there are no accidents. It is time to release and let the process of renewal happen. Let the old be gone. Let the new come into your lives. Allow the unknown to be part of your existence. You don’t have to know what you don’t know, but allow it to beautifully show itself in its beautiful good time.

Nothing will show up to you when it’s not the time for it to show up; and You Are Ready To Handle It and flow with all the insights that are coming to you, thick and fast! Stay with whatever is in your experience. And follow the inner guidance that you feel. Do what you feel guided to do and resonate with you. Because you are letting go of the old and allowing the new to be in your life. Keep asking your Higher Self to guide you to the right direction/path. And Trust your Higher Self!

There are moments when you may not even Trust your Higher Self! This is the moment You Don’t Even Trust Yourself/You! What do you do in that moment? Go within your heart and imagine the depth of your heart. Imagine the vastness of your heart and Ask Your Heart to take you to Its Truth. And just sit in the darkness if it is dark for you, or whatever colour that you see. Just sit there and wait. Your mind will come with various distractions. Keep sitting in your heart space, in silence until An Inner Knowing comes to you. It will. Just be patient with this process and then you will be aware that The LOVE that you Are Is Always With You. Is Always You! Your Higher Self Is Always around You, Loving You, Guiding You. Even those moments of doubting yourself are moments of great deep learning for you. They are steps that you step on, on your way Home To You! To LOVE! You Being this MAGNIFICENT MAGICAL AND MIRACULOUS CREATOR OF BEAUTIFUL OUTCOMES IN YOUR REALITY!

The moments that feel as though nothing good is happening for you, are moments that are truly worth every lesson you are guided to. It may be just one persistent Mantra keeps presenting itself to you. So continue doing that mantra! It is there for a reason. Do it. Your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides are helping you, in their wisdom they know that, the mantra you are doing, is helping you to get through the difficult times and get to a well deserved and fulfilling place in your journey of life.

I, Goddess Isis, speak to you from a perspective of having experienced pain, and struggles on planet earth. So Beloved Souls, hang in there, you are on your best path of healing, releasing and remembering who you truly are, and rising with every tear, heart break, joyful and happy moments. They all come in alternating ways, don’t they? It is all good Beautiful Souls.

I love each and everyone of you deeply.

Thank you Nomanono for this wonderful opportunity, allowing me to be part of all of you in this moment.

I am Goddess Isis. I thank you.

~ Goddess Isis

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