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Escaping Apartheid

A Letter to My Mother

Is the harrowing, true story of Nomanono Isaacs, a young girl born at the height of South Africa’s cruel and oppressive Apartheid regime. Forced to endure cruelties that were beyond measure, the brave young woman manages to fool the brutal Special Branch police force and makes an arduous and dangerous getaway to neighbouring Swaziland, where she hopes for a brand new start. Told as a long and loving letter to her mother, this book is a must-read for anyone who wishes to experience the strength of the human spirit at its finest

We are all the beautiful colours of the rainbow.

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Book Testimonials

The magic of Nomanono’s Book “Escaping Apartheid – A Letter to My Mother” is that it clothes a general knowledge of the time in South Arica when the Apartheid system and land relocations were taking place under colonial rule in intense personal history and detail.

The struggles and tragedies of individual black people, families, villages, townships come alive in this book through the personal story of one girl, one family and one mother.

The bigger picture of Nelson Mandela, Robbben Island, Politicians such as Janet Suzman were well known to me but in reading “A Letter to my Mother” I was able to internalise the raw emotions, loves and losses, the pain of exile as described in the autobiographical story that she is telling.

Nomanono’s  expressive writing takes the reader on her journey  from childhood into adult exile, loss of family and land and her beloved mother. The poignancy of such a journey is epitomised in the way in which she frames her book into a letter telling her lost Mother all she has gone through and has achieved while at the same time revealing to the reader the wonderful woman her Mother was and is  spiritually to her and all those around her during her life.

This book is a wonderful testament.  Fear is overcome and survival achieved inspite of a vicious regime and courage found to journey on beyond into exile and survival.

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