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With Namonono

A range of services are available below, but if you're unsure of what you're looking for please get in touch here.

Prayer Service Testimonial

"I am forever grateful for Nomanono's prayer service. Through her guidance and unwavering faith, I have found a deeper connection with my spirituality. Her selfless acts of kindness and genuine care have provided me with comfort and hope in difficult times. Thank you, Nomanono, for being a shining light in my journey and for helping me strengthen my relationship with the divine. Your prayers have truly made a positive impact in my life and I am thankful for all that you do."
~ Avneet K, India 

The Divine Union

Chakra Balancing Testimonials

"This week I had a session with Nomanono. Although I knew what Chakras were, I didn’t really have any idea about Chakra Balancing or the Divine Union but I now know that the Divine Union is the uniting together of the masculine and feminine Divine Energies.

This was very uplifting experience, relaxing, informative and definitely something I would do again, now that I have a better understanding of the process. Nomanono lets you ask questions however stupid they might seem and both her and her guides really made me feel connected to my dad and to myself, something I’ve not felt for a while."

- Sonia

"A few days ago I had a wonderful meditation session via Skype…Haven’t felt that relaxed/centred in a while and learnt/worked with chakras beyond your standard seven (such as the earth star and higher heart)…all new to me. Thanks Nomanono Isaacs for the knowledge and good vibrations. "

- Be M

"Thank you Nomanono for my session and a new perspective on Chakra Healing. Felt lighter and everything I did after flowed easily. Have and will recommend you. Thank you again. Namaste!"

- Audrey S

"I had a wonderful chakra clearing session with Nomanono this morning. I was looking forward to it even though I wasn’t certain what to expect. The clearing itself was a wonderful experience. However it was afterwards I felt the benefits of the clearing. I moved through my day feeling truly supported and connected. I actually know I can achieve great things instead of always hoping I can do them. This is an amazing experience that I would definitely recommend. Many Thanks to you Nomanono."

- Andrea W

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