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Chakra Balancing with Divine Union

  • 30 minutes
  • 30 British pounds
  • Location 1

Service Description

What are Chakras? These are whirling vortices, placed right through the body. Their purpose is to distribute life force energy from the Universal Energy Field as it comes into the body. This life force energy is also known as Qi or Prana (breath). There are mostly seven main chakras that are known. What is Chakra Balancing? This is a process that makes sure our chakras are functioning properly at all times. That the life force energy is flowing without hindrance, in order to maintain optimum health and wellbeing. What is Divine Union Chakra Balancing? Divine Union is the coming together of both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine Energies, that are innately within each and every human being.These are pure energies of the Creator within us. When these energies are working separately within us, we experience disharmony in our bodies and our lives in numerous ways. So bringing them together to work in unity for us, is what Divine Union Chakra Balancing is about. My intention is to show you how you can bring together the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within you, then use the Divine Union, which is the unity of these two energies, to balance your chakra system, and you can do this daily, for yourself. It is a tool for life, that will help you clear anything that is in your chakra system but does not serve you. There are additional chakras that I will show you that need to be incorporated within the Divine Union Chakra Balancing. My Spirit Guides do this for you through me. Every Divine Union Chakra Balancing is specific for that individual, the basic process is the same but what happens during the process is known only to my Spirit Guides and the individual’s Higher Self, based on what they require and what is for their highest good. “Using Divine Union to balance your chakras, you are bringing pure consciousness into your whole being. The Consciousness that everything is One and there is no separation. Everything is integrated into your chakras. This will transform your perception of everything within you and everything around you.” These are words of Master Jesus, channelled by Natalie Glasson of The Sacred School of OmNa.

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