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A Moment with Grandmother Anna (12/06/24)

Beautiful Beloved Souls, I, Grandmother Anna come to you in this moment, happy to connect again, through this channel. Joyful to be in your energetic presence. Feeling excited to be here with you. I am sharing my inner laughter, and trusting that it is also going to make you chuckle and know that you are not alone and you have a huge entourage around you, that is continuously observing you, and wishing you the very best of awakening times. Even when you observe things that are in this moment, and you know that they belong to your old timeline, and yet, are triggering you, in this moment of now, and you react instead of being a witness and a loving witness.

What do I mean by a loving witness? I mean where you observe a scenario, belonging to your past, triggering in you, reactions of the past, instead of reacting, take a moment and breathe in deeply and send your powerful loving thoughts and your whole love that you are, to what you are observing or what is in your face. This is what you are, beloveds. You are LOVES/LOVERS. Remember this. You are divine beings and instead of being triggered to react in the old ways, respond in your new way that is your new you. Do not allow the old to keep hold of you and telling yourself lies about who you are. You are beautiful souls. Beautiful divine souls with an everlasting pure spark within. That spark may be golden, yellow, mauve, white, pink; it really does not matter what colour it is. The most important thing is that your are that divine spark. It is time to live it now. How do you do this? Think of it in this simple way:

When you inhale, you are receiving. When you exhale, you are giving. So, in order to radiate your true essence, love, peace and whatever you choose to share of yourself with the wide world; you make that intention and know that when you are breathing out, you are giving your love, peace, happiness, whatever you decide to give out or emanate/radiate. And you can then when comfortable with giving out through your nostrils or mouth, choose to give out/radiate/emanate through your whole body. Through each and every pore of your body skin. All you do is make an intention that you are sending out your love through each and every pore of your body.

I, Grandmother Anna, would like to address the issue that is in many of you, Beloveds. And in this channel’s mind as well. It is a question of shedding that has come up since the vaccines that were given out. This is the beauty of LOVE! The Love that you are and has always been, is The Most Powerful and Beautiful Asset (talking in the business language that most of you understands, of assets), your Love with genuine intentions of radiating it to the world, will automatically transmute all the negative thoughts, emotions and feelings that are limiting you and do not serve you.

Even all the toxins that are in your body through the injections, and shedding will be dissolved and dissipated by your Pure LOVE. This is My Intention as Grandmother Anna, for each and every living human being. My intention is that all those who need to hear this, will, in Divine Timing for them. Your Love will act as the cleanser and purifier of who you are. If you are vaccinated or not vaccinated, by emanating your Love from your heart and soul, you are not only serving the world but serving your own body and being. It is time you are free of all limitations beloveds. It Is Time!

Whatever has been intended to harm you by those who wished to reduce the world’s population, I, Grandmother Anna say: Radiate your heart Love out, beautifully with joyful abandon. You are here to create a gorgeous world for yourselves. So, do these simple things, steps and wait for no medical treatment but your own personal energetic loving therapy. Be your own individual therapists. With LOVE.

Radiate/emanate your LOVE, The Love that you are, beloveds, and see, feel what your overall body, mind and all that you are feels like on a daily basis. And doing this as a continuous practice on your daily routine, will help release and remove from you, the most stubborn energies that do not serve you.

I love each and everyone of you, deeply, Beloved Beautiful Souls.

Thank you Nomanono for this precious moment.

I am Grandmother Anna. I thank you.

~ Grandmother Anna

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