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A Moment with Lord Melchizedek (02/05/24

Beloved Beautiful Souls, I, Lord Melchizedek come to you in this moment, with my Love, embracing you, and trusting that you will be truly blessed and loved in every possible way by these divine energies that I allow to flow through my heart and total essence. It fills me with enormous joy and gratitude to do this, because, we are always connected. Yes, we are always connected in ways that you do not know and understand. You see, beloveds, we are connected by the very fact and fibre of our existence. We exist from the same source of love. The same source in the universe that is the vessel of each and everyone of us, going about our journeys. Whether we are in joy, peace, anger, and frustration, we are still connected because we have always been. We are of the same fabric or essence of creation by the same Love Source, the Creator, created in the same intention and image. In the likeness, desires, wishes and dreams of the God Source, that is experiencing itself through each and everyone of us.

I, in the Spirit realm and you, in the physical realm. We each are serving the Creator/God beautifully, in Her/His/Its Intention and choosing of experiencing us, individually.

Why am I here right at this moment? To encourage you, on the physical plane, to focus on self love and self care. Look within yourself and see what is making you go forward in all  your waking hours? I ask you to focus not on the outside chaos, but on the inside chaos in your very own experiences. For, when you look and see what your personal reality is like, then you know when it is not what you wish it to be, that you need to change, turn inward, focus on making your inner self priority of joy and happiness; your inner self calm and peaceful, for when you are able to do that, your outer world, meaning not out there in other places and people, but what you are experiencing in your own reality, will change and match your inner desires and wishes.

It is time now to focus on yourself. I am sure that you have heard this said many times. Well, here I am, emphasising the importance of choosing to create a beautiful life for yourself because only you will do that for yourself, nobody else. There’s plenty of chaos in the outer world!  If you can stay away from the TV news about the world, and pretend for a few hours, dedicated to “Love Of Self” when you do things that please you. Things that are for your benefit. It may be a meditation, a dance, a walk, painting, playing with your pets, anything to keep you away from the noise of the world, and stay in your own world of “Love Of Self” you will find that there is a shift that brings you happiness and eagerness to your special time for you.

And as you continue to do this, you will find that whatever the main news of the world are saying, doesn’t mean much to you because you are in your own Love space and you are thriving! Beautiful outcomes are showing up for you.

I am very much aware that there are people in countries that are struggling with lack of basic needs like electricity and water, as well as food. What do you do in these situations? I, Lord Melchizedek, will say that this is not the first time in the history of the planet, that such hardships have occurred. And you are in those circumstances because you chose to be there, testing yourself on how you can rise above these situations. There is Trust in the Invisible world that is greatly needed and asking/praying, because these are ancient techniques that have helped people create the unbelievable when faced with the very hard bottom of the challenges.

Things do change. Do not fear, always trust that something better will happen, and with deep trust, things do show up. They shift. Things get worse only if you stay in fear. But even if your situation brings up tremendous fear, if you continue asking us, your Spirit Guides and your Ancestors, we are always around you, we see everything that is around you, how you are feeling. If you continue talking to us, we will find a way to help you, and you need to listen, feel, be aware of what is happening within you, this is where your intuition is most important and needed. We cannot help you if you don’t know what your intuition is guiding you to do in any moment. All our guidance is lost when you don’t understand your own feelings and intuition.

Ask your Higher Self to help you know and understand your own feelings what they are telling you, in each moment, where they are guiding you and why and what you must do. And as you practice listening, your understanding and following Spirit Guidance through your intuition, it becomes easier. Good things start coming to you and it’s as if whatever you think of, in every moment, it shows up immediately, or you you are guided to something online that you have never experienced, and you have this curiosity to keep listening, and that as you continue watching and listening, it is the very thing that you have been praying for, it’s just showing up in different ways.

When you work intuitively, things become easier as you navigate your reality. When insights come into your mind, and you become aware of them, it becomes easier and easier to even spot something that just shows up out of nowhere, whether it’s for you or not. You learn to just flow with what presents and these insights are important to changing your perspective and understanding, of your whole existence in the way you change your reality and keep moving forward. You know immediately if something is not for you, even if it is right for someone else. This is where your communication with your Higher Self is most important, that is your intuition. Your Higher Self knows what is for the highest good for you and sees a wider picture than you can see. It is always wishing you the very best. And the journey that you are currently on, navigating through, is what you and your Higher Self chose together, long before you even chose your parents in this lifetime. So, Beloveds, whatever challenges you are experiencing, I can tell you right now, that you said to your Higher Self/OverSoul; you will overcome all obstacles and rise like a phoenix! So, there you are! Keep going. You are here to overcome and rise like a phoenix, each and everyone of you.

I love each and everyone of you so deeply. Keep going. You are on the right path even if it looks like you are not.

Thank you Nomanono for this moment.

I am Lord Melchizedek and I thank you.

~ Lord Melchizedek

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