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A Moment with White Cloud and White Eagle (20/04/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls of Beautiful Lady Gaia, We, White Cloud and White Eagle come to you now, in this moment, very excited to reconnect with this one, Nomanono. We thank the channelling by Blossom Goodchild that she watched today, and helped us all to remember our journeys of yesteryears! This is a beautiful time that all of you are experiencing. It may seem a chaotic time on one level and yet on another level it is calling all of you to really think and appreciate each moment you have, as well as appreciating each other.

Yes, Beloveds, we are all the members of The Alcazar Group of Universal Masters. We are all creating the communities that the Universal Masters are emphasising for this particular time, and moving forward. Being close, caring about one another. Because this community and communication with one another, helps you to know that you are not alone. You are supported by those on the Earth, and those on the Inner Planes. And it is very important to keep connected because you support each other wherever you are in this world, energetically. The unity you are creating, does not necessarily mean you have to be in the same place, but you can be in Timbuktu and in Mongolia and because you have set the intention to be connected in your Love, Unity, Oneness, you are as though, living in the same home/house.

We Love you all very much and we wish you the very best of life experiences. You are here to live and experience beautiful things in your realities. When there are situations that are tearing your heart painfully, sit with that pain. Pain is part of being human. Sit with it and if you choose, call the Angels or your special go to Spirit Guides, to embrace you in Love. And also remember to breathe deeply and slowly.

Earth is a school that is always evolving and every moment is filled with amazing opportunities, challenges and experiences. Embrace all Beloveds, with your open arms and open hearts, knowing that you are powerful loving beings, with amazing vastness that is beyond your comprehension. You are at this time here to help with the ascension of this planet. That starts with your own personal needs, looking within instead of looking at what is outside and around you. See what your heart desires and truly feels. Is your heart feeding your mind or is your mind feeding your heart?

We ask you to listen to your heart and let your heart feed your mind. When your mind is fed by your heart, there is a beautiful opening and openness that you feel around you. A lightness that keeps you smiling and laughing for no particular reason. You see, beloveds, most schools have taught that the brain is the main source of information and knowledge within your body. The heart IS!

Once the heart is given and allowed to do what it does best, your individual lives and realities will take on more important responsibilities and multidimensional tasks with ease, that you will not even know that you are capable of doing.

Let us give you an example of how capable you are. This one, Nomanono, was in one of her previous lifetimes a very powerful and successful Native American Indian Shaman. She was a man and an elder in one of the Native American Indian tribes. She had become very confident in her abilities as the Shape Shifter of Energies. One day, she decided to stand in one spot, anchored himself into the earth very deeply, and then spiralled his energies very fast and turned into a bird. The bird was an eagle; not White Eagle! Haha!

As the eagle he was able to view the villages and the land from above, in the freedom only birds knew. And when he was satisfied, he came back and returned to his body, as the man, the shaman and continued with his daily activities. We are sharing with you this story because it is still possible to any and all of you in this day and time, to set your minds and intend to do these things, to support your own evolution as well as support the needed transformations for amazing beautiful creations on the planet.

You have all done amazing things in your previous lifetimes, that you can easily rekindle in this lifetime. When you choose to do this, you are keeping your own heart, mind and body elevated, learning new things, excited, and sometimes doing things that seem impossible! Remember, that everything is possible on this planet. And you chose to be here at this time for the greatest expansion and evolution of your soul, helping humanity in the process, by focusing on your own destiny and achievements.

Thank you Nomanono for this wonderful opportunity for us to be here with our memories of You!

We are White Cloud and White Eagle. We thank you.

~White Cloud and White Eagle

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