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A Moment with Archangel Michael (29/05/24)

Beloved Souls, I, Archangel Michael come to you in this moment, with my deepest love for each and everyone of you. I pour to you all my abundant, never ending love, joy, happiness. I come here, in this moment, to celebrate, a milestone, that this one, Nomanono achieved, as a first step for her towards complete liberation and freedom.

In 2016 I channeled for Nomanono, through Natalie Glasson, an answer to a question that Nomanono had, about a voice that she was hearing talking to her at times. I told her that she wished to punish herself in this lifetime. And there was no need to punish herself, but she wished to. So the voice that she was speaking of, was that of punishment and burdening self. And she didn’t even remember why she was punishing herself.

During this past weekend, at Glastonbury, with Alcazar, Makhosi Siri and Paul Barker, Nomanono was guided to ask for help, to release the energy of punishment and burdening herself. You see, Nomanono has been on this releasing journey for sometime now. And as she continues, her struggles and burdens are getting less, and clarity is getting better for her. She is able to listen to her intuition and guidance from her Higher Self and Guides, far better than she has done before.

I, Archangel Michael, am one of Nomanono’s main guides. I have seen her from high up glory, to the lowest of the low unconsciousness. I have been there with her. I am celebrating now because she is rising.

Alcazar, through Makhosi Siri called in various Spirit Benevolent Beings to come to help Nomanono. It was a beautiful scene for me to observe and be part of.

It was truly time for Nomanono to let go of the energies of punishment and burdening herself. During that session in The Abbey House in Glastonbury, a lot of healing took place. It wasn’t just for Nomanono but for everyone who was there. Nomanono’s wish to punish herself, was not only for what she did as her past life aspects, but for all those white peoples/men, from Europe who went to the indigenous communities and stole, killed, felt important, and looked down at the indigenous people. And the irony of it was that, she was a powerful indigenous herself/himself in previous incarnations.

So, in this lifetime, she has done, what she wished to do. Her struggles and suffering in this lifetime were worth it as it was on behalf of every white man and white woman who did what she did as the white men in those incarnations of brutality against the indigenous peoples. Nomanono and her Higher Self/OverSoul decided on this for this lifetime. To do this because she knew that her intentions to make amends through her own life experiences, would help the Morphic Field of Humanity. And all those who have helped her on this journey of releasing, were also in agreement that they would help her at different stages of her journey. There are no accidents beloveds. You are all very connected.

In 2016, I was not the one to tell her what she did in a previous lifetime. It was her journey to find out for herself. And she was helped by the Alcazar retreat that happened at Haselbury Mill, Crewkerne/Avalon, a week before Alcazar at the Abbey House in Glastonbury. The men that she saw visions of, were her as those European men, in previous lifetimes. They were there to tell her that the reason for her to wish to punish herself in this lifetime, was because of what they did as her aspects in previous lifetimes.

You see, beloveds, you have each done horrible things that you do not remember. It is therefore unwise to judge, pointing a finger at someone, blaming and accusing them, because you really don’t know what you have done in a previous life. Do not judge. Observe and be a witness. And the more you judge, the more you get yourself into low vibration spirals.

I love each and everyone of you.

And thank you Nomanono for everything you are currently going through, integrating.

I am Archangel Michael and I thank you.

~ Archangel Michael

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