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A Moment with The Alcazar Group of Universal Masters (09/05/24)

Beloveds we excitedly come to you in this moment because we wish to share something that is going to help each and everyone of you who chooses to participate and do this, for your own evolution. Of course, you each have a Choice! However, we are sharing it anyway because we have already asked for permission, from Nomanono’s Higher Self. This is the background story:

Two days ago, Nomanono wrote an Intention statement for her Alchemical Daily Routine. When we say alchemical, we mean that she chose and intended to focus on each and every thought in order to turn that thought to tangible results for her; and these were “judgements of self and of others.” You will recall that a while back, Master Yeshua channelled through Nomanono, exercises to help her with this issue.

So this time, her Higher Self came up with what we feel, will help those who also wish to let go of their judgements of self and judgements of others, thereby, releasing many lifetimes of conditioned and programmed judgements, that everyone has.

Nomanono was guided by her Higher Self/Inner Being; to see everyone as “LOVE/A DIVINE BEING” She was reminded that every individual on Earth came and comes as LOVE.

As a DIVINE Soul.

This made it easy for Nomanono to start seeing everyone, as love while driving and seeing different people going about their daily lives. And the more she observed pedestrians as LOVE; the more she felt her heart open. She was happy and laughing. Feeling joy within herself.

Then she thought of cars as “Love Carriers.” And then Buses as “Love Carriers.” It became a beautiful fun game as she travelled. Her vibrations were raised. And then she started thinking that, cars, buses and trains as they were people carriers, they are therefore LOVE too!

When you think about it beloveds, everything that is around you that has been created for your own use, the source of that invention is Love. Even though you all take your cars, buses, trains, aeroplanes for granted; the source of these things Is Love.

What you must also bear in mind is this: as you look at the person in front of you, or on the road as LOVE, you are doing this for yourself. That person you see is minding her own life’s business, ups and downs and has nothing to do with you and is not affected in any way, by you viewing him or her as LOVE.

This exercise is for your own self empowerment, development and evolution. It helps you with a short cut to letting go of your habits of judging yourself and judging others, because now you are focusing on Love. As you see others as love, you are also seeing yourself as love. You are accepting others as they are, the love that they are, whether they are aware of this or not.

And as you continue with this exercise, you will get to seeing others as the Divine Light, that they were born with. Again, this is for you! How you are perceiving others in a loving, respectful, caring way that doesn’t judge either you nor them negatively.

This is something, if you truly choose to let go of the habits of judging yourself and of judging others. Because, as you are aware, any form of negative judgment lowers your frequencies. Your intention and aim is to transform your judgemental habits into Love for yourself and love of all that is around you. That is the Alchemy and you are the Alchemist when you transform your negative thoughts into positive and tangible feelings. Then you become Love as you go about your daily activities.

We thank Nomanono’s Higher Self/Inner Being for this opportunity for us to share with you.

And thank you Nomanono for this precious moment.

We are The Alcazar Group of Universal Masters. We thank you.

~ Alcazar

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