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A Moment with Archangel Uriel (07/06/24)

Beloved beautiful souls of Planet Earth, I, Archangel Uriel, come to you in this moment, with my abundant love that is forever pulsating through me, to whoever is open to receive it. I come in this moment because it is time for me to share my love with all of you and every living being in the beautiful planet earth, through this one, in this moment. I have watched this one for eons of your Earth years. It is truly my greatest joy to communicate through her right now, to show her as well as any of you, who are open and willing, to be a vessel for communication, that yes, you are all capable of touching those around you in a beautiful as well as challenging way. When I say, challenging way, I am saying this because a lot of you go through a lot of times when your own doubts become your biggest obstacles, challenging you along the path of your journey into the lightness of joy, love of self and worthiness.

We, the Angels are always around you, sending you our love. Whether you believe in the Angelic Kingdom or not, it doesn’t matter, our way of serving the love of the Creator God of the Universe is to Love and support every being on planet Earth, with our never ending love. We are always in service with our love. Showering it to everyone and everything. Sometimes our love helps to soften or make situations a lot easier for people, depending on their own receptiveness. It also does not mean that if an individual is unreceptive to our energies, we then leave or abandon that being, to the contrary, we stay around that being and time  does not matter, for how long we are showering our love to that unreceptive person. Our aim is to just love them until something shifts within their own mind, body and their frequency rhythm. And we celebrate whatever little step they are in with their progress.

We do not discriminate against anyone, and any circumstances. Our way is Love. Love doesn’t judge and it doesn’t matter what colour you are, what gender you are, what tribe you are. To us, the Angels you are a beautiful creation that deserves to be loved by us until you remember to love yourself. Because of so much programming and conditioning that has been going on in your planet Earth, for eons, you are all doing very well to keep coming back, reincarnating with intentions to progress in each stage of your Earth experience and exploration. You are each doing a great job for your individual ascension. The most challenging situations are and have been fear. Fear that has been imposed on you through many programmes and conditioning that you blindly follow and believe as your truths.

Beloveds, your planet is shifting beautifully and fast. Some of you find this acceleration, unbalancing and very unsettling. There are those who find themselves in different states of discomfort in the form of dizziness or vertigo. This is what I can suggest, as my offering to you, if you are affected in this way: remember to breathe very slowly when you start feeling dizzy. I am very aware that breathing is the least thing one thinks of when they feel dizzy because they worry about falling. Breathe beloved and then if you can lie down please do. And continue to breathe very slowly. Then see your feet and toes heavily anchored into the rocks at the very bottom of the centre of the earth. Just stay with this as long as it takes and you are back in your steady state. And most of the root causes of dizziness are fears. Fears that you are not going to achieve your goals, desires and dreams. Beloveds, don’t put too much pressure onto yourselves.

Ask us the Angels to assist you achieve whatever you wish to accomplish. We are always around you. You don’t need to know what angels are around you. Just ask us and we will hear your request. We are always around you, remember. And for things that need you to be aware of, that you need our help, we wait for your asking, your request. Because Beloveds, you may not on that moment, think that you need help with anything. It is a planet of choice that you are living in, after all. It is always your choice to ask. You all know the saying: If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

I love each and everyone of you deeply.

Thank you Nomanono for this beautiful moment.

I am Archangel Uriel. I thank you.

~ Archangel Uriel

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