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A Moment with Mary Magdalene and Master Yeshua (03/07/24)

Beautiful Beloveds, We, Mary Magdalene and Master Yeshua, come to you now, in this moment, because we would like to emphasise, what is truly needed for you to consciously do, in order to change your life exponentially, if this is what you are choosing.

For any change that you choose, you will be better served by your practical actions that support your intentions. If you say you choose to change in order to progress in your life, and yet you, on the other hand, are unconsciously supporting your resistance,  by continuing with habits that are so automatic in your daily living; you will not reach your goals but you will continue repeating patterns that no longer serve you. You will continue sabotaging yourself.

Let us look at daily mundane things that you habitually do: brushing your teeth for instance; what about using your left hand if you are right handed, to hold your toothbrush. And for the left handed, do the opposite. You could use your knife and fork with the opposite hands to what you are used to. Or even better, why not stop using knives and forks and instead use your own fingers, in the way that other cultures do? And if you normally use your fingers, then use knives and forks! And please let whatever you are doing, be fun. Let nothing be a struggle but great fun, because your intentions are changing your life to the bestest (best) that you choose to be part of, and change your life in every way possible, for the very exciting, fun and joyful experience that you have ever had.

Being a creator of your life means you do everything possible to achieve your greatest fulfilment and your focus must always be FUN. Laughter and deep gratitude are the best keys to all your dreams of achieving your desires. Everything that you grew up doing and have been doing for all of your life, you can turn around as an Intention for your own happiness, and changing from being stuck and opening yourself up to forward movement, bringing amazing things and situations into your reality. And when you embark on your journey of change for amazingly beautiful reality and experiences, choose and intend on creating a joyful journey. Yes, you will feel a bit awkward and think that you are stupid for doing these things, however, what will be happening, will be your old mind, wanting to keep you stuck in the old patterns that have kept you in a rut, that you keep repeating over and over, and yet going nowhere better, but the same unprogressive ways for a long time.

The saying: hold a bull by its horns, will literally apply to you here as you will be shifting and shaking out the cobwebs that have been around you and not letting you move on. It is time for you to let go of all that has not served you. It is time for your new beginnings. It is time for a fresh start. You are here to enjoy this lifetime. To make the very best of this existence. You are here to live a wonderful life, filled with vibrant health, happiness, abundance on all levels. And you do not even need to be concerned about where money will come from, to buy whatever you wish to buy, it will show up as long as you joyfully and gratefully trust and know that the universe will bring it all to you at the right time. Nothing happens before it’s time.

Are you in deep gratitude for being alive in this moment? Are you in great joy that you are alive in this moment? Are you appreciative of everything that you have in your life? Are you appreciative of all the trials that you have experienced in your life? What did your struggles teach you? Or what are your struggles teaching you? What did you learn? Or what are you learning?Did you understand that those hard times were your best teachers? If you are still blaming someone else for whatever hardships you had, without thinking that you also contributed to what happened, because of the way you felt and thought, well, it is time that you looked at everything that happened to you. And if you are stuck on this, call upon us, Mary Magdalene and Master Yeshua, ask for help. And then listen to your insights, thoughts that will come to you about a lot of things that happened to you and you will find yourself thinking in a different way that will be helpful and making you move away from the victim mode that you are used to think of. You will find yourself feeling grateful for whatever happened because you will get to a point where you understand and know why you had to go through what you went through.

We love each and everyone of you deeply.

Thank you Nomanono for this precious moment.

We are Mary Magdalene and Master Yeshua. We thank you.

~ Mary Magdalene and Master Yeshua

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