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A Moment with Grandmother Anna (22/05/24)

Beloved beautiful souls, I, grandmother Anna, come to you with my deepest love for each and everyone of you. Showering you with an ever flowing love stream, from my heart and all my being. Some of you are wondering, who grandmother Anna is. I am Yeshua’s or Jesus’s grandmother. When Yeshua was a growing young man, he used to be very playful. He playfully picked me up and twirled me around, and he did this when I list expected it. Why am I bringing this up to you? Something that happened over two thousand years ago? It is because you need to have some fun, and playfulness in your reality my beloveds.

Whatever you are doing for an hour, without a break, please, think again. Do not be so serious. It is time you gave yourselves plenty of breaks. Nomanono’s daughter, two days ago, told her mother; to give herself a break. That was so touching and loving. Nomanono had just shared her wonderful experiences at the Glastonbury/Avalon Stargate Retreat and the ultimate reason she was shown many European men, who were her, in her past lives. And the reason why they came to her! Both her daughters were very supportive of their Mother. One of them said: “That’s pretty awesome!! Yeah give yourself a break!!”

Beloveds, what you are doing and have been doing, thinking that you are not doing much and feeling that you must do more to be Spiritual, Successful, Ascend….. hold it, have a break. Just have fun. Nomanono felt relieved and very supported by her daughters and went to the shops and treated herself to something new, that she has not used for years! Guess what it was? A dress! She’s been wearing trousers for so many years now that her legs are very pale compared to her face and hands! Haha! It’s time that she showed her legs again and had some sunshine on them.

Life is fun when you choose it to be. It is time to have fun now. The heavens are supporting all of you on the journey of fun. And I, Grandmother Anna, wish so much for you to just relax and have a good time. You don’t have to have people around to have fun. You can have it on your own. You can dance, sing, play music, play your favourite music instrument, do gardening, walk your dogs, swim, walk, hug trees; anything that makes you happy and you feel it’s your fun time activity.

You are being called to focus on you. If it is about creating something beautiful for yourself, that is fun and you have finances for it, build your favourite car! Buy parts and a manual, and start on your master piece!

And I know that you know that you don’t need money to have fun! So go have it.

I love each and everyone of you so deeply.

I am Grandmother Anna. I thank you.

~ Grandmother Anna

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