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A Moment with Joseph of Arimathea (27/06/24)

Beloved Souls of Mother Earth, I, Joseph of Arimathea, come to you in this moment, very excited that I can share my deepest Love that I hold and exude, emanate to the world and to each and everyone of you in this moment. Emanating my Love, continuously is something that I always do. During the storms I encountered in the boats at sea, I used to radiate my love with the intention that our small boat would not sink and we would be safe, and get where we intended, with ease. All the items that we carried in the boats were always safe and were never affected by the sea storms.

Yeshua, my nephew, used to like these stormy moments because for us, they were moments that were teaching us to Trust, and progress to knowing that we would be safe. Yes, of course, at the beginning, we had fears and doubts but as time went on, we came to the true knowing that we would be safe, and no harm would come to any of us.

Why am I bringing up these experiences of so many years ago? It is because they are relevant in this moment. A lot of you are plagued with doubts that bring you down and you end up not trusting anything that you are doing or thinking.

Beloveds, yes you are on a planet of duality. However, it is not all that bad, if you start with looking at how your day to day, or moment to moment reality is showing up. Because by observing your own thoughts and happenings, then you are able to see what you are creating in every moment, that then if you don’t choose something better for you, in the moment of realising that your thoughts are taking you to places that you don’t wish to, as the time goes on, you end up creating something that is not for your highest good and doesn’t serve you.

There are many different ways you can get yourself out of a stuck situation. Very easy and simple ways:

You can start by looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that you deserve better than what you’re currently experiencing. Then tell each and every part of your body that you love it. When I say every part of your body, I mean exactly that. Start with your toenails, toes, feet, ankles, all the way up to your scalp and your hair. Not forgetting your skin. And as you do this, notice how you are feeling. How your appreciation of the parts of your body, is making you feel.

You can listen to your favourite song and sing along with it or dance to it. Basically, doing everything you can to uplift yourself is the best.

And when you start radiating your energy of LOVE that you are, you start feeling much better and happier. Do not allow the voice that tells you, you are Not Love; because Beloveds, this is what you innately are! Then from trusting, you gently build up your strength of trusting that things will work out, no matter what you are facing, to the “Knowing” phase and this is the part that each and everyone of you need to harness.

Because then, you are truly LOVING yourself, the inner strength that is your true love of self. The Inner God/Source/Creator that you are. That will help you in the storms that you face, whether at sea or on land, in your daily existence. By loving, thanking and appreciating every storm surrounding you, as you calmly become an observer, a witness and a watcher of the storm with deep gratitude.

With the knowing, you will find yourself achieving things that you never imagined possible for you to accomplish. This is the beauty of being in School Earth! Where you learn to rise above all the challenges, obstacles and difficulties. You get to be an expert solver and learn to Trust Yourself and Knowing Yourself. You get to know your limitations and how to go about navigating through these, into your glorious future or best; in The Now, for it is always NOW!

I love each and everyone of you.

Thank you Nomanono for this precious moment.

I am Joseph of Arimathea. I thank you.

~ Joseph of Arimathea

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