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A Moment with Mother Mary (17/05/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls, I come to you in this moment, with my deepest love for each and everyone of you. I shower you with my deepest compassion and my deepest peace. It is time to nurture you as you do all the very best for yourself to raise your vibrations and awaken from years of being in a state of unawareness.

It is time, truly time beloveds to release and let go of everything that doesn’t serve you. It is time to be the love that you are. To let go of believing that you are not good enough. To let go of comparing yourself to others. To accept that you are a beautiful soul, therefore a gorgeous, unique individual, with amazing attributes that are specifically and specially who you are. Not anyone else. It is time you recognised that the beliefs that you have believed for a very long time about you not worthy of this and that, is a big lie. The lie that is perpetually keeping you away from all that you deserve and are worthy of. And the very fact that you are here, at this time, is the biggest purpose and the worthiness of you, to just be.

Some of you wonder what your purpose is. You are already in your purpose, of existing as the great and splendid soul that you are, and present here, in this planet. Just love yourself in order to expand your presence and purpose of being in the world. You are divine and you are a sovereign beauty.  All you do and focus on now, is the child like fun that you have suppressed for a while.

When you became an adult you became very serious and forgot about the child like spirit that you were. It is time now to go back there. Be playful. Be free! And you are able now, even if you have memories of someone, who didn’t let you be free to play, and be happy when you were a child, it is time now to know that, that was not your issue but theirs, when they projected their personal miseries on you, restricting you and making your life what it wasn’t meant to be, and you believing their own distorted reality.

And now you are choosing for yourself to be the happy, joyful and fun loving person that you were and meant to be as a child and are, still. If you still want to know what your purpose is; primarily, it is being happy, joyful, kind, caring and loving others as you love yourself, and being in deep gratitude for everything. There are many qualities that you can be, but start with the ones I have mentioned, and as you become them, then more stunning growth and appreciation of yourself, will guide you to more wonderful qualities that are for your expansion.

What you are doing with all of this, is your personal development and evolution, elevating yourself to a much better and greater, healthier lifestyle. When the word lifestyle comes to mind, immediately, material way of living jumps into your mind. The way of being first and foremost, which is your internal lifestyle, in my view, leads you to your material, physical lifestyle; your way of living. Where you live, with attractive material things you are enjoying. Life becomes an exquisite flow. A lovely dance for you and your reality. This is loving yourself and feeling good in your own body showing up in attractive ways that form your lifestyle.

I love each and everyone of you Beloveds.

Thank you Nomanono for this amazing opportunity.

I am Mother Mary. I thank you.

~ Mother Mary

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