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A Moment with The Rainbow Dolphins of Lemuria (07/01/23)

Wonderful Beings of Planet Earth, we come to you in great respect of who you are. We are the Rainbow Dolphins of Lemuria. Where is Lemuria? This is the ancient land of what you know in these days as Hawaii. When Lemuria sank under the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean, what was left for habitation were the mountain tops, which are now places where people of Hawaii live.

We, The Rainbow Dolphins are called this because of our powerful healing energies that we emanate. Our colour is really white. Do we still physically exist in the oceans of Hawaii? No! We chose to turn into our light bodies, when we knew Lemuria was sinking. In this way, we could still be in the vast waters of ancient Lemuria, but unseen by human beings. We prepared ourselves for the next stages of our existence. Even during our time in Lemuria, we were regarded as rare, because of our whiteness. We were pure white, and our rainbow colours emanated through our eyes, when we focused on something.

We are here today because we are observing a lot of people with physical pains as well as various diseases and going through various illnesses. We are here to offer those of you, open to to receiving our desire to help, exactly this. It doesn’t matter what you are suffering from; just call on us, we will come as a group to you. See yourself surrounded by the white dolphins with rays of various colours, emanating from our eyes on to your body and being. We suggest that you give yourself at least ten minutes a day of uninterrupted silence and receiving. Keep calling us until you no longer need us, as your situation becomes healed.

This is brought to you with deep love and compassion, for we frolicked lovingly and with ease, with many of you, who don’t remember us, anymore. We love you deeply, and we are offering a way to relieve you of some of the burdens of enduring pains, and worry about your ill health, for whatever the root cause of it. We specialise in eliminating pains and diseases from your bodies. Yes, you can also ask on behalf of your loved ones, and visualise, imagine as we have already explained.

Thank you Nomanono for this precious opportunity for us, to offer this service.

We are The Rainbow Dolphins of Lemuria.

~ The Rainbow Dolphins of Lemuria.

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