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A Moment with All The Ascended Divine Mothers Collective (17/04/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls of planet Earth, we come to you in this moment, showering you with our Love! We are a collective in one voice and one energy of Love. We come primarily to you in this moment, to applaud you and encourage you to keep going. Keep doing the very best for “You” in this moment. We emphasise the “YOU” because, no matter how many of us come and tell you that, such and such, is going to help make your life easier, until “YOU” as an individual, make a decision and a choice, whatever anybody else, whatever expertise that person has, and promise, it is ALL up to what “YOU” as an individual, a sovereign individual, choose. In this planet you each have a choice of where your life goes, and what you experience. You are each creators of your lives.

No matter how many prayers you make to the heavens, asking for help, as long as you are doubting that the help you are calling for, will actually happen; you are then negating your request and you will remain in the place that you don’t want to be at. A place you rather be away from.

You see, doubting is FEAR! Anything that is fear driven like: anger, resentment, feeling unworthy, not good enough, not valued, shy, doubt, depression, anxiety, blaming, sadness, complaining, criticising, judging, stress; are all here to keep you repeating the same cycle of pain, struggles, suffering, depression, despair and in lower frequencies.

Why are we bringing these up at this moment? Because Beloveds, with what you are observing or even getting emotionally attached to, through your anger and judgements, of who is right or wrong, in the wars that are happening in your world; you are exactly where these situations are created to keep you captive and scared! Yes, of course people are suffering. Children are suffering. What we ask you to do is Not to make these situations your personal issues and please, just say to yourself: “I choose to hand over, all these situations that are beyond me, to The Love of The Creator/God/Spirit” and truly and honestly do so with all the Love for yourself, and then focus on all that is making you feel good around you. Be very grateful for all that keeps your Spirits elevated!

Your purpose at this moment, is to elevate your spirits and be very grateful. When you do so, and not paying attention to anything that does not serve you, you are serving ‘You’ as the most powerful and important beautiful being that is walking the earth in this moment. And the joy of ascending is realising and knowing that, all and everything around you, can adversely affect or influence you, if you let it, through fear.

AND please remember this simple awareness: “WHAT YOU FOCUS ON, YOU CREATE!” This statement is an old universal statement that is true and never changes its truth.

If you are always doubting yourself and all that you desire, if it will happen, of course it will not manifest because you are focusing on fear…. fearing with your doubts. Whereas, if you are sure that something good, even if it’s not exactly what you want, but something even better, for your highest good, something amazing will show up better than what you first imagined.

So, Beloveds, as your Mothers, of your many Mothers in the planet, we urge you, to now focus on your individual selves. Your beautiful creations, from joy, love, trust, that the Universe is an abundant place, which it truly is! Only the deceptive ones, have made you believe that this is a planet of suffering! Let go of past beliefs and past experiences, Now! Choose again! Keep choosing again and again, as a way to move forward. You have that power! You have that truth! You have the vast LOVE within You! You are the most beautiful and precious soul/person who ever walked on the earth! Believe this because you are!

It doesn’t matter where you live. It doesn’t matter how you felt a minute ago. Whether you were angry or not! What matters in this moment, is what and who you choose to BE!

We Love each and everyone of you.

Thank you Nomanono for your supportive moment.

We are The Ascended Divine Mothers Collective.

~ The Ascended Divine Mothers Collective

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