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A Moment with The Alcazar Group of Universal Masters (15/03/23)

Beloved Beings; we are the group of Ascended Masters, whose spokesman is Alcazar. We are the Universal Masters. We help in many universes of the Creator. We help individuals as well as collectively, with the overall upliftment and enlightenment of the universes.

Today we come to you because we have been inspired greatly by this one, Nomanono, who has given us permission to share with you, her process of elevating herself. So this is what she did:

1. She called all of us, her guides, who are very diverse and wonderful; and told us that she was consciously creating her life and reality, using our model; Alcazar’s model, of going into the void. For those of you who don’t know what the void is; it is the deepest part of the Quantum Field. Where it is ALL Blackness. Nothingness; yet where Spirit/The Creator resides. This is Blackness that is beyond light and dark. It’s where the Creator is, if you like. The womb of creation. The void is not up there, Beloveds, but here amongst all of you. What you see as open spaces, are where the quantum field is. A topic for another day!

2. She told us what her desires were. What she wanted to create.

3. She then said she wants to be immersed, for an our in the following energies: elevated love, elevated joy, elevated happiness, elevated gratitude, elevated excitement and elevated trust.

4. And for an hour, this is what we supported Nomanono with. Embracing and being these energies. We helped her imagine different colours for energy quality. And all of these qualities, to Nomanono, who is a mini Laughing Buddha, by nature, ended up being a whole hour of laughter!

Beloveds, when you genuinely ask us, Spirit, to help you, we listen and help you. With Nomanono’s request, we were also uplifted. And we are greatly pleased that She had the audacity to challenge us in a way, even though this was not her intention to challenge us; it was a beautiful fearless boldness on her part, because she wants what she wants, she went for the steps that will help her get what she desires, by raising her frequency, in the deep void, for each nano second of your existence, you are creating your lives, Beloveds.

We love each and everyone of you deeply. Thank you Nomanono for the moments we spent with you in your JOY!

We are Alcazar Group of Universal Masters.

~ The Alcazar Group

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