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A Moment with Mother Mary (05/04/23)

Beloved Beautiful daughters and sons of mine; I come to you today with my deepest love for each and everyone of you! I love you unconditionally. I am your Mother Mary. I have always been, and I will always be. This was my choice long before being born on the earth. I planned to care, love, nurture each and everyone of you, at various stages of your journey in life, when you needed me.

You see, Beloveds, I know each and everyone of you, just like Mother Earth knows each and everyone of you. I know your needs and aspirations. I know when I must let you find your own way, and come in when you are at a point where my support is needed.

Right at this moment, I know it is that time! And I have also been reminded by this one, Nomanono, when she responded to a beautiful soul, who said she was in darkness today; with these words; “Get out of the darkness. Step into the sunny side of you. There is plenty of sunshine in there.” Yes, I come to emphasise and encourage you to bask in the sunshine that is within you. Your sunshine is combined with energies of your Spirit Guides, the Creator/God and all the loving energies of your Soul, your Higher Self.

Inside of you there is never ending love that you innately are! There are many Spirit Benevolent Beings who are already merged with your Soul/Being because this is what you agreed before you even chose who were going to be your parents.

These beings are with you 24/7! They are your personal Guides and Guardians. Some you know and the majority you don’t know. So, I am here to continue urging you to ask us for help. Know that you are not on your own! Also listen to the answers that come to you in various ways…. In thoughts, visions/images, words, memories, colours. Please understand that you are Never on your own.

If you believe that you are on your own, that is a lie you have told yourself or heard someone telling you. You are not on your own. We are many around each of you, waiting and hoping to hear you asking for our help! You don’t need to know who exactly will help you; but help you will be guided to by any of us around you. Have the yearning for change with ease and grace. Just ask: God Help! Spirit Help! Angels Help! Creator Help! Or just say out loud: Help!! As there’s plenty of us around you, we will know that you need our help.

I ask you to now focus on gratitude more than you have ever done before! Feel your gratitude. There are many things to be grateful for. Things that you have taken for granted for a very long time. That doormat, doorbell, for Beloveds everything is energy, and everything around you is there, serving you for your continued existence on Earth. You can even be grateful now, for the coffin that will house you on your last journey out back home! The more you are grateful, the more things show up for you to be grateful. And as it has already been emphasised, gratitude helps you open up to receiving your desires as well as all the energies pouring forth from the Creator/God to the planet.

Another thing I want you to be aware of is this: There is conditioning that you have all gone through and believed which is Not true! So listen to this: when you have someone around you who has fever, please do not automatically assume that you are going to get sick with fever! No! Everyone is different how they attract situations to themselves. Change your belief system!

The open space around you that is filled with the air that you breathe is an amazing source of energy Vortex that you can choose to bring into your body and being, through your breath, each time you breathe; the purest, love filled, health and vitality properties there are, and you can intend this as you wake up in the morning, for this type of air to sustain you all day till bedtime! This way, whatever is in the air, even what is deliberately sprayed out to contaminate the air, will not touch you Beloveds, because of your daily intentions and Trust that We Spirit Benevolent Beings around you, support you with our Love. We breathe the same air that you breathe, whatever dimension we are in, because the air, the breath is the energy of the Love of the Creator/God sustaining you in each and every moment. We are the air!

So, from today, intend on breathing the: loving, energising, cleansing, purifying, life giving air, into your body and being.

Thank you Nomanono for this precious moment. I deeply love each and everyone of you.

I am Mother Mary.

~Mother Mary

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