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A Moment with Mother Mary (02/02/23)

Beloved Beautiful Ones, I come to you with my love embracing you, deeply in this moment. I come to you to remind you, that you are powerful and have creative abilities, just like me. You have creative choices. It is always your creative choices that are empowering all that you do. The powerful outcomes you desire, are not through you controlling, how and what the outcome will look like, but through your creative choices. Choose creatively well Beloveds.

And what you also must remember is that you are no slave to no thing. And are not a slave to no one. If you have thought that you have no choice but to follow what you are told, by your superior, spouse, friend or someone you have put on a pedestal, remember my Beloveds that, you are very, very powerful, just as you are.

I ask you to pray to me to help you, should you get stuck in a difficult situation, because there’s always creative choices Beloveds. I will guide you through your intuition, as I merge with your Higher Self when you call upon me, for help. I ask you to listen to your gut instincts and your intuition, your inner knowing. Consciously choose in your mind what you want to guide your creative choices. Is it love, trust, honesty, happiness, faith, playfulness, confidence, compassion, joy? The list is long because there is plenty for you to choose, creatively.

Thank you Nomanono for this moment. I love each and everyone of you deeply.

~ Mother Mary

A Moment with Grandmother Anna (22/05/24)

Beloved beautiful souls, I, grandmother Anna, come to you with my deepest love for each and everyone of you. Showering you with an ever flowing love stream, from my heart and all my being. Some of you

A Moment with Mother Mary (17/05/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls, I come to you in this moment, with my deepest love for each and everyone of you. I shower you with my deepest compassion and my deepest peace. It is time to nurture you as you


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