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A Moment with Mother Earth Answering Questions on Food (20/01/23)

Beloved Nomanono, I am here to answer your call about food. What foods are right for your body type. Beloved, I have observed you in this confusion, for there is a lot of confusion about what foods are right and what foods are not. You have been up and down with this for all of your life Beloved.

So I hope that my response will help you. You primarily want to know if meat is good for you or not. Beloved, you grew up eating meat and you enjoyed it. Meat, maize, beans and vegetables were primarily your staple diet.

Meat at that time Beloved was grown by people who cared for the Earth albeit with fertilisers that were pushed to them as good for the soil, which was not true. All in all, your people did the best they could. You grew up and you are still here, growing up.

The issue now for you is that there is a lot of information about foods and for what a Spiritual Being that you are “should” eat.

My true honest answer to you, Nomanono is: Eat what you feel drawn to; with the understanding that there are foods you must stay away from, especially these days of artificial food alternatives. In the West, and Worldwide now, the natural foods have been corrupted, deliberately. Sugar is also to stay away from because of the way it is manufactured. Were you living in a place where raw sugar in the form of sugar cane with the right soil nutrients, there would not be a need to stay away from sugar.

What I am going to say to you: Ask your body, your Higher Self, and Me Mother Earth, what to eat at any time you feel hungry.

I also suggest for you to drink more water than you currently do. This is for hydration and ease of pooping. You already know that for you to poo easily, you need to drink water. This is because your system has been dehydrated for a very long time, Beloved.

Stay away from ice cream because of the sugar and artificial stuff added to it. Milk makes you fart a lot, this means that you need to use the other alternative milks.

Sometimes it is not clear what is pure and artificial. I ask you Beloved, for your own peace of mind and health and wellness, to ask the Violet Flame to cleanse and purify your food, ask it to make it nutritious and nurturing for your body. You can also ask your Higher Self, Me, Mother Earth/Lady Gaia, and Grandmother Earth Tiamat to:

Cleanse, purify, make nutritious and nurturing your food for your body and being.

AND You can ask The Sun to do the same and ask the Sun to bring you its Natural cleansing, purifying, nutritious and nurturing energies to your body and to your foods. Once you ask, all the elements that are not for your highest good that have been deliberately added to your foods, will be dissolved and your food Spiritually enhanced for your body and energy fields. It really doesn’t matter what has been put into your foods, because in all honesty, non of you understand all the things that are put into your foods.

It is time to Trust These Energies I have Mentioned, for your survival, as the Farmers are forced to situations that are Not good for humanity. I am glad you asked, Nomanono. My response is not just for food, but for Water as Well. Some systems that are meant and sold for water purification, are not really doing that purification they are supposed to do. So please dear one, go back to asking: The Violet Flame; Your Higher Self, Me, Mother Earth/Lady Gaia; and The Sun to: cleanse, purify, nutrify, and make wholesome your water, for your body and being.

Thank you for continuing to use in your mind, Archangel Michael’s jug of water purification, for this is the easiest and simplest way to make sure that your water is always cleansed and purified. And anything that you put into your mouth, for the survival of your body, ask as I have already stated. In fact this brings me to all medication, pills etc, ask any of the Energy Beings to cleanse, purify and make good for your health and wellbeing, the medication that you are taking.

I love you. I am Mother Earth/Lady Gaia

~ Mother Earth/Lady Gaia

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