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A Moment with Master Yeshua (11/04/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls. My brothers and sisters; I, Master Yeshua, come in this moment, answering a call for help from this one, Nomanono. It is a call that is universal, something that is universally challenging at times until one masters it.  And how does one master it, and what is it? Nomanono finds it challenging to observe, witness and accept without judging.

Yes, I know this because I also experienced the challenge of having a situation presented into my experience, and knowing deep within me that it was for me to observe, witness and accept but not to then have my mind getting analytical about it. Which was judging. How did I overcome this patch in my overall inner landscape of so many things, situations, people, coming and going, everything moving so fast in my inner space? Well, this is what I started to do, taught by my Beloved Mother Mary, for, She was the one who helped me to understand, that Not everything is for me to be concerned about and dissect and analyse. So, this is what she taught me, and I wish to share this with you, Beloved Nomanono, and all of you who find yourselves stuck, not knowing when to observe, witness and accept without judgement.

Breathe deeply in, and slowly breathe out, while looking at whatever situation is presented to you. And inwardly tell yourself “I am an observer. I am a witness.” Keep saying this to yourself, as you continue to breathe. And when thoughts of judging come up, keep saying to yourself, as you observe, listening, watching what is presented into your experience; “I am an observer. I am a witness.”

This on itself will be a challenge at first, however, as you continue, with determination, to be at peace and in acceptance of everything that comes into your experience, this will become easier and easier, there will come a time when, as you walk about, you are in silence. Deep silence that doesn’t necessarily require you to be in a guided meditation, but your own existence, will be as a walking meditation, as you are in Oneness with every experience and everything around you. The bad the good and the ugly are weaving together in an endless energy that is floating, in waves around you and you are just an observer and witness of it all. For, in reality that is invisible to each and everyone of you, everything is energy, in different shades and you are always around everything.

So, the exercise I am asking you to engage with, is to assist you to detach yourself/mind from what you physically see, and continue engaging internally with your higher vibrations, LOVE;  for when you start judging what is not for you to judge, you bring down your vibrations, even if you think you are not. Judging is the highest and quickest form of lowering your vibrations/frequencies. In fact, you can make this fun for yourself, as you walk to your local shops, do this as your mantra from this moment, add to your favourite mantras the: “I am an observer. I am a witness.” And then you can as you grow in confidence, make it: “I am an observer. I am a witness. I am in acceptance of All.”

I love each and everyone of you my beloved sisters and brothers.

Thank you Nomanono for asking for help.

I am Master Yeshua. Here to help anytime. I thank you.

~ Master Yeshua

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