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A Moment with Mary Magdalene (08/02/23)

Beloved Beautiful Beings, I come to you with Love of my whole being. My heart is open for each and everyone of you. I radiate to each and everyone, my gift of being. My Love. You each also have this amazing gift of Love. I come to cheer you up, because some of you have a lot going on.

It seems like you don’t have enough hours in a day, to do all that you want to do. You have your many responsibilities, just for your life and reality. Then you have the spiritual life that you are choosing, on top of your daily chores, and some challenges, along the way, when things don’t seem to go as planned! What do you do?

Do you just throw everything into a bucket, and walk away for a stroll in the park, woods or somewhere you can get some fresh air? I say, Yes! Do just that! The world will not come apart just because you are taking a breather, from it all! You will find that, you have just given yourself a well deserved break. You have just stopped being a slave to your list of chores to complete. You will have some fresh air! So, how am I doing so far? I think I am doing very well! Who said a woman’s job is never done? Yes, just don’t kill yourself over mundane chores! Have a life for You! Look after You! You are very special!

The bucket will wait for you, to pick up where you stopped and it certainly will not complain! And you will have a smile on your face when you have treated yourself to a moment of being carefree, walking in the woods or wherever! Beloveds, if there’s a meditation that you want to do, but you have other things that need to be done, is it not better to prioritise on the basis of what gives you most joy? When you do things that give you joy first, by the time you get to the tasks that you are not that keen on, you will not even realise that you don’t like those tasks, because the joy you hold in your body and energy fields, is fuel to accomplishing everything in no time at all. See, all is always good, Beloveds! You will find that this First Joy In, Last Boredom Out, will end up being, Joy Joy Joy All the Way!

Thank you Nomanono for this fun moment. I have enjoyed myself. I leave you all with my deep love and appreciation of each and everyone of you.

I am Mary Magdalene

~ Mary Magdalene

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