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A Moment with Alcazar (25/01/23)

Beloved ones, we come to you in this moment of now, embracing you with the love that we, as a group of Universal Masters, permanently hold for you. We have deep love for you. In each and every moment. Our love for you grows with each moment that we are watching you, doing whatever you do. You are all very amazing strings and streams of colourful energies and lights.

We watched today, amused, by this one, Nomanono’s journey! Firstly, she had a great time, during a meditation she was doing with Lady Portia! It was such a beautiful hour of receiving all insights, in visions, for everything that she’s intending to create. It was truly a blissful time.

Then came a moment, that we anticipated, without her knowing of course. She remembered that one of the people she’s helping, may get in touch. And then she went into ‘dread’ mood and state. However much, Nomanono tried to dismiss the dread, and think of something uplifting, it wouldn’t go away. Why the dread? Because of past experiences and challenging communication with this particular individual. Then she received a voice message from this individual. She didn’t want to listen to it, fearing what was being said. When she eventually got courageous and turned the voice message on, it was so different from what Nomanono was expecting! She laughed at herself for having gone through unnecessary fears!

Then she wanted to send a payment online to someone, and her first bank came up with messages to watch for fraud and scammers! That freaked Nomanono out because this was a message she’d not expected from her bank. Then she used a different bank and the same bank came up with a similar message! While Nomanono was still freaked out, she decided to go ahead and instructed the bank to make the payment! Why did these situations happen? Well, banks have their random information that is programmed to their systems, and things about fraud and scammers are frightening, of course.

Why are we bringing Nomanono’s experience up? Because Beloveds, everything is happening very fast! Nomanono scared herself earlier with her dread! She stayed in those energies fearing the unknown! What the other person was going to say. Nomanono based her dread on previous experiences with this individual. So, by this, she then called on to herself or attracted the biggest frightening alert she’d seen from both of her online banks!

Beloveds, please, let Nomanono’s lessons be yours. Always expect something good, pleasant, even from someone who has been unpleasant to you in the past. Make an intention to have beautiful moments, in every moment of your day. And when you do this, start watching what happens in your lives, because you will have amazing things happening and coming to you. And when something good happens, remember to say: Thank you. Bring me more of……. state what you want more of!

We love you all very much. Thank you Nomanono, for amusing us.

We are the Alcazar Group.

~ Alcazar

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