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A Moment with Master Yeshua (29/03/23)

Beloved Beings of Love, I come to you in this moment with my overflowing love, for each and everyone of you. I am Master Yeshua/Jesus/Jesus The Nazarene/Sananda/ The Christ Consciousness.

Today I want to talk about resistance and how to overcome it. Resistance manifests in your life and reality in many various ways. What you must understand first is that there is resistance that is fear based, not allowing you to experience what is for your highest good, but keeping you in lower vibrations and unconsciousness.

The other resistance is preventing you from going away from the path that is for your highest good. Both these, Beloveds, require you, to be attuned to your own body and being energies; as well as your intuition, your inner knowing. Archangel Metatron has already asked you to persistently ask for help and clarification from your Spirit Guides whenever you are not sure of what is happening within you. Yes, Beloveds, it is always about you.

Not about the other person. Not about your spouse or partner or your children or family members. It is about you, choosing to fine tune your own vessel. Your own responsibilities about your own frequencies! For, the frequency that you emanate, touches everything around you. Starting with you; attracting to you whatever you are emanating. These attracted energies do not manifest immediately in your reality, however, they will if you continue to emanate them without consciously being aware of what energies you are sending out of your vessel.

There is a time buffer, that gives you time to change your emanations. It is always the best choice of all to focus on gratitude!

Many of us have spoken about gratitude. This is because it is the fastest quality that each and everyone of you hold naturally within your vessel, which allows you to receive that which you want to experience, and above all, there are so many things to be grateful for in your reality. Be grateful for that which is not working for you, because it is bringing you closer to the pure essence of God/The Creator that you are! Be grateful that you are alive and reading these words in this moment. Be grateful for the air that you breathe.

Please, Beloveds, stay away from blaming, pointing a finger at others for whatever reasons. Instead, be the observer without judgement. Aah! Judgement is another quality that doesn’t serve anyone! It is unfortunately embedded in everyone, starting with your school systems. However for the purposes of why I am here today, talking about resistance and gratitude, please be grateful for EVERYTHING! Including the moments when you are conscious of your judgements that do not serve you! Because your awareness is bringing you closer to your own truth, your divinity, your God Self!

One last thing: your gratitude must not be thought of but felt in your heart and being.

Thank you Nomanono for this moment. I truly appreciate this opportunity.

My love to each and everyone of you, Beloved Souls.

I am Master Yeshua/Jesus/Jesus The Nazarene/Sananda/The Christ Consciousness

~Master Yeshua

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