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A Moment with Mary Magdalene (02/11/22)

Beloved Beautiful Souls of the Earth, big hugs and love from me. I have plenty of my love, forever blazing constantly and continuously, around you, if you choose to receive it.

I come to say a Big Thank You, to each and everyone of you, who are here, walking the Earth, doing their best to, care and love their human family. You are all doing an amazing job, for on a daily basis, you have your individual responsibilities to attend to, but at the same time, you are not forgotten to pray for those known and unknown to you.

We, in Spirit, appreciate the Oneness you are becoming, because Beloveds, for separation, and control and slavery of masses, Oneness needs to be everyone’s intention and focus. Through this, you will attain FREEDOM! No more centuries of enslavement and control, by a few individuals.

In Oneness, you will not lose your individuality, nor will you lose your personal freedom of choice. It just means that You Will Be Vibrating, in The Original Way you were meant to, that of naturally knowing who you are, your heart and soul, constantly and always beating in the same beat as God, the Creator; always blissful, knowing what you want and consciously creating and manifesting it!

Instead of the fear, which is the opposite of love, that you have been manipulated into, and losing the core of you. Whether you are white, yellow, black, pink, brown, green, this means absolutely nothing! You are a beautiful, talented, brilliant person, who now needs to relearn all of what you are, because Beloveds, you have been enslaved for centuries.

This enslavement, happened long before Jesus/Yeshua was even on Earth. His coming, was the reason, to plant Love again. There was too much fear and control in those times. Humanity was lost. Unfortunately Jesus’s teachings, were lost in misinterpretation and misinformation. And in fact, in my own opinion, as Mary Magdalene, those who branded me a prostitute, suppressing women, just continued and made situations even worse, in these days. Your religions thrived. Those at the top, manipulating the ordinary believers of Jesus, in various ways. Used his words, which in most cases were metaphors, as reality, and created more and more fear and most you are still struggling with letting go of fears, because they are embedded in your cellular structures. And this is a lifetime after lifetime situation that you carry with you!

I have a solution for you today, if you choose:

Call on me Mary Magdalene, to clear you of all your past lifetimes fears, of any type, especially including those that limit you now, in this lifetime. That is all I ask you to do, Beloveds.

Thank you Nomanono, for this moment.

I am Mary Magdalene

~ Mary Magdalene

A Moment with Master Yeshua (11/04/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls. My brothers and sisters; I, Master Yeshua, come in this moment, answering a call for help from this one, Nomanono. It is a call that is universal, something that is universall


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