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Being A Bridge Between Two Worlds! 14/11/22

I had an amazing experience, today!

A friend’s daughter passed away last Friday 11/11/22. On Saturday 12/11/22, I kept mumbling her Mother’s name, as well as her name. Her Mother passed away several years ago. Then I asked Mother Mary, why I kept mumbling their names. Mother Mary said it was because they wanted me to pass a message on their behalf. Mother Mary asked me to hear them.

So I did. They told me that they had already asked for permission from My Ancestors and Mother Mary, to speak to me. The young woman wanted, amongst other things, to tell her husband to not take anymore vaccines because they had just caused her death. They asked me to send their message to two people, their friend who is also my friend, and to their living Sister/Daughter.

Our friend was asked to send the message to the husband, while I was asked to send it to the living Sister/Daughter, who was very grateful for the communication from her Mother and Sister in Spirit.

Our friend was very judgemental, saying that she didn’t see any connection to the vaccine. And said she wasn’t going to send the message because the husband doesn’t know me and it would freak him out. I thanked her.

I kept communicating with my Guides at every stage. And the Mother/Daughter team, in Spirit insisted and asked the living Daughter to forward their message to the husband. It was a really loving and thoughtful message.

Then the living daughter asked us to have a chat before she sends the message to her brother-in-law, and we did, this morning, 14/11/22 thanks to WhatsApp video calls. She had a lot of questions that she needed clarification of, by both Mother and Sister, before sending the message to her brother-in-law, who she was concerned about his delicate state, health issues and how he would receive and be impacted by the messages. At this stage, the Galactic Command, Commander, came in to help in a big way. Verifying everything that needed verification. He also said he was getting the information from the Akashic records as everything, however minute, is recorded!

And in the message, his Mother-in-law put this in: my lovely son-in-law, you are now being held in Love for your health and wellbeing by Sis’Nomanono’s Benevolent Loving Spirit Beings! My Guides had just asked me to put His name in my healing book.

The living Daughter after all the information coming from the Commander and also from her Mother and Sister, asking the Commander directly to verify things, happily sent the messages to her brother-in-law, who apparently, was very calm and happy that he received the communication from his wife and Mother-in-law, in Spirit!

WHAT AMAZING HELP FROM SPIRIT! Bridging two worlds. Right now I feel very blessed and grateful. Thank You My Amazing Guides! 💗💗💗💗💗

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