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A Moment with Vywamus (13/04/23)

Dear Beloved Souls. I come with Love of my whole being, showering you and embracing you with who I Am!

I come here today asking you to please trust in the truth of your core being. The core that is the Creator/God within you. Know that you are one and part of the Creator/God! I Am one and the same as you. We are not separate. The separation and thoughts and beliefs that we in the Spirit world are higher and better than you, are an illusion created to make you feel small, inadequate and not worthy. And for you to then work at rising and falling and rising until you have risen beyond all adverse expectations.

Please know this: first and foremost, you are LOVE; you are magnificent; you are powerful; you are the most amazing beautiful Souls! You chose this temporary hardship and struggle in order to prove to yourselves and your OverSouls just how phenomenal you are. This time is what you chose to be here, to help this beautiful planet rise from the depths of fear. When you came here, you said you were going to rise above the fear that was and is the obstacle, deliberately put here as an illusion, to separate you from your own truths.

And then the opportunist controllers in your world, are using fear to keep you in more fearful situations. Rise Beloveds, Rise! You are capable of focusing on all the beautiful things in your experiences. It is very simple to rise above fear. You just remember all the good happy things and moments. Everything that feels you with joy. And old joyful memories become joyful now, in this moment of Now!

Fear is not real, even though it seems to be. It is the opposite of the truth of Love! Beloveds, your core is Love. So, just for a moment, when you feel a smile, happiness, a giggle and laughter with joy in your heart and being, what are you feeling Beloveds? What do you think that feeling of a smile is? What is that giggle? What is that happiness? What is that laughter? What is that joyful feeling? Beloveds, in those moments you are touching the truth of who you truly are! The God aspect of you! So, cultivate more of these moments, Beloveds. For these moments are your truth. Who you are! The God Self! These moments are a glimpse, a reminder of your home. Your home that is in each and every cell of your body and in each and every particle of your auric field.

The major limitation that you all have, is that you tend, to dwell on the past painful, lies, doubts and fears! Drop all those Beloveds and focus in this moment of knowing what does not limit you. So do your very best, even during the most painful moments, to think of something that will uplift you! You have huge banks in your internal vaults, of beautiful happy moments, even for few seconds. Those few uplifting seconds Beloveds, incrementally add to your many minutes and many hours of joy and gratitude for choosing to think of happy thoughts and feelings, instead of limiting fear, doubts, and pain. It is your duty to look after yourself. How you feel and think. Yes, we are there to help guide you but we cannot feel joy for you. That is for you to do!

I love each and everyone of you Beloveds. And remember: you are magnificent. You are powerful. You are amazing. You are very worthy and deserve a very, very beautiful joyful life and reality.

Thank you Nomanono for this precious moment.

I am Vywamus

~ Vywamus

A Moment with Master Yeshua (11/04/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls. My brothers and sisters; I, Master Yeshua, come in this moment, answering a call for help from this one, Nomanono. It is a call that is universal, something that is universall


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