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A Moment with The One Label-less, Form-less Being (28/08/22)

Beloved Beings of Love, I come here in this moment to clarify and answer, in the best way I can, this one’s questioning, (Nomanono’s); for her question is:

Why have there been so many Gods on Earth, and many religions claiming to be the only right religion, with the right access to God, and some religions condoning killings in the name of God, some religions claiming to be the only one, the right one over others? And why was the Catholic Church in France which colluded with the King in the South of France to burn at stake, the Cathars, who in reality were the Essenes, a tribe from which Jesus came from? Only because they did not subscribe to the way of the churches, and the doctrine of the church at that time. They knew who they, the Cathars were, and were prepared to die, in whatever way. Why was that allowed to happen, she, Nomanono, asks:

While I will answer these questions in a brief summary, in this moment, it is up to you, individually, Beloveds, to label me, and use your imagination of Who I Am?

My answer to all these questions Beloved Nomanono is this:

Earth is a planet of Freedom of Choice. This means that each and every Soul has a Choice, to decide what they want or wish to believe and trust; with just one provision from me, as the one communicating with you in this moment, that For your Truth to be what honours You, must come from your heart, with Love, empathy and compassion.

Beings of the Earth have been truly creative in their own various ways. It’s been a continuous process and it will continue to evolve. I say to you, Nomanono, go deep within your heart, at all times, find your own answers and truths, based upon your own truths, for, to all of you Beloveds, each and every one of you, has their own truths.

And the Beings of Love that have come through you recently, Nomanono, are of pure love and they never claimed or labelled themselves as either of Christian, Hindi, Islamic religions, but instead, peoples of the Earth chose to put them on pedestals, that these individuals never chose.

Peoples of the Earth chose to write books about these Loving Beings, long after they had left their physical bodies. And there were also prophecies about some of these beings. Some prophecies told pure truths, while others did not.

It was and still is about Freedom of Choice, and personal discernment. For Beloved, I ask you now: do not take any word I say as truth. Discernment for your own truth is the key, in all of existence upon your Earth.

The peoples of the Earth, then decided who was better than the other. Which religion was better than the other!

Now, I want to go back to the burning at stake of the Cathars/Essenes, in France, almost 701 years ago now, the Cathars were not the only people who were burned at stake, many individuals around your world, were being burned whenever they were doing something that was seen by heads of churches, heads of whatever religious groups saw themselves as superior and wanted to control humanity into fear.

This is why, Beloved, you are currently going through a lot of fears on your Earth. Most of you have been burned at stake in your previous lifetimes.

Those of you who are calling/labelling others asleep, sleepers, ask yourself why so many are asleep as you call them? Is it not possible that because of the lives and the experiences of their past lives, being buried alive, stoned to death, burned at stake, then they decided to put an armour of protection around themselves, for easy life, and ending up being blind to the control that is currently happening on your Earth today?

I ask you to have Love and Compassion. Cultivate Unconditional Love. Stop labelling others as less than, in your world. Stop being superior than others in your world. Calling names does not serve you. It only adds to separation, instead of Oneness.

These words are now directed to all of you, on Earth. Those who come across these words, see yourself as blessed in this moment, into a possibility, of seeing others, through your heart; through your Unconditional Love.

You are all very powerful and vast Beings. Which is why in some Hindi cultures, there are statues of various dieties/gods and these have been imagined at different times, by those who had very vast creative minds. All because of Freedom of Choice. And there is No Right or Wrong, for what is right for you in this moment, Beloved, is wrong for someone else.

I Love You deeply with all my energies of existence, all around you, wherever you are, I Am With You. You and I are One! Thank You for your moment, Nomanono. I am the label-less, the form-less and yet the Ever Loving Energy that continuously pulsates and emanate through everything in your planet. Label me, as you so wish.

~ The Label-less and Form-less

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