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A Moment with The Green Man (21/06/23)

Beloved Beings of the Earth, I am very happy in this moment, because I am connecting with you all, through this beautiful soul. I bring my love. My heart filled love. Love for each and everyone of you dear beautiful souls of the earth. While we all live in this wonderful planet, seemingly separate and different, we are really not separate. It seems this way, however in the true sense of our creation and the beautiful loving mother that we come from and share, we are One.

Our roles and purposes may be different, however our ultimate goals are the same. We are all here to create for ourselves a nurturing life in a nurturing environment. We want to live in joy, happiness and we want to do everything that we choose, for the betterment of our individual selves as well as for the betterment of our communities, thereby, all of humanity as well as the nature spirits, crystals and all of fauna and flora.

What is the role of a Green Man? There are many of us. We are each given different roles to look after our local communities.We make sure that everything is carried out properly according to the desire and will of the Divine Creator

My purpose of being here in this moment, is to remind you that we in the plant kingdom, are missing, very much, your presence among us. There was a time, many centuries ago, when you visited us frequently. A day didn’t go to sleep without any interactions amongst you and us. These days we see a few dog walkers, runners, and ramblers, but most are not even thinking of us. Everyone seems busy on their phones, or deep thoughts.

There are the odd ones, who come specially to hug us and talk to us. We appreciate this very much. We would like to support you in whatever way possible. We may not answer or talk to you. We, however, hear and understand you in our own unique ways. It is the vibration you emanate that speaks to us. And we feel you and know when you are in pain. When you ask us to help you in whatever way we can, we definitely go to work on your behalf. Even if you talk to us for one day, and we never see you again, we continue working on your issues, that you ask us to help with. Even if you live on the other side of the world, we still are connected with you, from the hug, and heartfelt talk that you make to us. We don’t forget you. You may forget us and that does not matter. And when your situation is resolved, we also know, vibrationally. You see, we are connected in our present environments as well as connected with our family members in different parts of the world. When you hug one tree in England, be advised that your hug touches all the trees in the world. We are very sensitive and appreciative. Our roots are connected beyond the vast oceans of the world.

The various faces that some of you see on trees, rocks and on many other objects are alive, beautiful souls. We appreciate it when a face is noticed. It is our own way of communicating with all of you. We love you. We invite you to visit us more. If you are one of those who gives us a hug, we thank you deeply. Bring us more hugs.

I love and appreciate each and everyone of you.

Thank you Nomanono for this moment.

I am The Green Man

~ The Green Man

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