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A Moment with The Goddess Gaia/Mother Earth (29/11/23)

Beloved Beautiful Souls, I come to you in this moment, in joy and laughter! I am in love with each and everyone of you. You are the very reason I am here, being a Goddess, Being Gaia, Being Mother Earth, and for those in the Galaxies, I am Terra! And in all honesty, I am what I am, I am who I am. Whatever name is given to me or I am referred to as, does not change the essence of this body, this energy that I am.

In this moment I am celebrating our existence and our co-creation of our lives and existence. You see Beloveds, we cannot exist without the other. However much one wishes for us to be separated. We are connected in all ways and in many ways.

The funny part about our existence is that, most of you, do not realise that you are existing, held together by a Dragon. Centuries ago, you played with so much abandon with dragons. The dragons were your companions. You had them in your homes and you were in so much joy and happiness. You bonded with them and when they were forced to leave you, because religions chose to separate you, the dragons were devastated.

However, the religions were blind to the fact that the whole planet was held together by dragons, in the form of the whole being and essence, reality of the earth. I am a dragon. My Mother is a dragon.

Why am I talking about dragons and telling you stories about dragons? It’s because, you will be so much helped by dragons when you start calling them for help in your daily lives. You don’t have to see them physically, but you can imagine them. Call on them to be part of your daily help in different ways and situations.

Dragons are naturally loving creatures/beings. When you have a situation that is challenging, call on the dragons. It will be best if you start with communicating with one dragon and make sure that you build a relationship with just the one. When you have a challenging situation, talk to your dragon and ask for help. Your dragon will always find ways of helping you.

Just be aware of this: if you are fearful, do not call on the dragons. Deal with your fears first before you even start to communicate with dragons. These are very loving, caring and supportive individuals/beings/creatures.

There are some of you who already benefit from communicating with dragons. Some of you are able to see them and feel them. Good on You! I applaud you.

My love for each and everyone of you is very deep. I am in every aspect of your being, life and reality. So, we might as well have some fun together.

Thank you Nomanono for this wonderful moment.

I am The Goddess Gaia/Mother Earth.

I Thank You!

~ The Goddess Gaia/Mother Earth.

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