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A Moment with The Galactic Command (07/02/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls, we are The Galactic Command, a group of Star Families from different civilisations. We live in space crafts above your Earth. We monitor, amongst other things, the activities that are happening on your planet. Our crafts are invisible because humanity is not ready to see us. A time is coming when you will all see us and interact with us. We are looking forward to that time. A few of you have witnessed our crafts briefly. We come now with our love. We love you deeply.

You must know that your families are here in these vast spacecrafts that we operate. While you agreed to forget where you came from before being born on the Earth, and becoming human beings, your families in the Star Systems never forgot you. They are with you, see you all the time. They have been watching you all these many years and lifetimes. There will come a time when you will remember where you came from and who your families are. Our love for you is unconditional. We pulsate it constantly. We have never forgotten all that you were before volunteering to go to Earth. Yes, we have missed you deeply. We have seen all the struggles and challenges that you have gone through.

And what we want you to know is that, while the struggles and suffering are very real when you are experiencing them; they are all part of the illusion of the living and the dance that goes on, on planet earth or on any planet that is either unconscious or awakening from the deep slumber. The game is to keep going through these challenges until you get back to the truth of who you really are. The enlightened beings that you were during the time you were in your Star Civilisations. And most beings who were chosen, were the very enlightened ones from enlightened civilisations. And went into very deep and dark depths of unconsciousness.

We applaud you and we are very excited, because you are rising. You are raising your vibrations beautifully and very courageously, even at very challenging moments. You are getting to understand the way of beating the illusions in their own games by deep gratitude, joy, happiness and excitement. Please continue with the good work, for you are paving a path to our walking side by side, on Earth, with ease and grace, with you, our beloved beautiful brothers and sisters.

We chose the spaceships way of living in order to see where you were and what was going on in your lives. Yes, we trained ourselves to not be emotionally attached to the struggles that we observed you in. We are very grateful for your continued efforts of creating beautiful lives for yourselves.

Continue choosing to create beautiful lives for yourselves. The more beautiful things that you aspire to, the more gratitude will come your way. The more things to be grateful for, show up in your experiences, the more they show up! And the happier and joyful you become. The more of you are in these experiences, the more the planet’s collective’s energy rises to uplifted heights, and shorter the time for our physical interactions on the Earth!

It is all very exciting.

Thank you Nomanono for this great opportunity.

We are The Galactic Command.

~The Galactic Command

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