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A Moment with The Divine Feminine Collective (23/11/23)

Beloved Nomanono, thank you for this moment of joy and deep gratitude. We are the Collective Energy of The Divine Feminine. Our aim in this moment is to open everyone’s hearts, in a beautiful way. And as we shower you and all those who are open to receiving, our loving energy, we are filled with joy, happiness and deep gratitude. For those of you who currently feel unable to open yourselves to receiving, we ask you to start with a very simple exercise: what are you grateful for or thankful for in this moment? Do you find it difficult to say thank you? Do you find it difficult to be in gratitude? Do you find it difficult to appreciate anything and everything? Do you find it difficult to say a simple “Thank You and meaning it?”

Are you thankful for the food you had today? Are you thankful for the clothes you are wearing? Are you thankful for the shoes on your feet? Are you thankful for the roof above your head? Are you thankful for the friends you have? Are you thankful for someone who has given you a compliment today or yesterday or last year? Are you thankful for the person who wished you a happy birthday? Are you thankful for the love you are getting from your family members?Are you grateful for the love that you are receiving from friends and strangers? A real smile from a stranger is a gift of love for you!

You see Beloveds, gratitude is the easiest thing/quality of the Creator that helps you elevate your energies and open your heart to joy and happiness? Thereby opening yourself to receiving and experiencing your fulfilment, in whatever way you wish. And with this deep gratitude, that You Feel and Not Think, you then open yourself up to excitement. The feelings of excitement and gratitude are so powerful and helpful towards your creative processes!

Are you grateful for the hard times you have experienced? Are you grateful for the lessons that you have learnt from your difficult experiences? Are you thankful for those lessons that helped you decide that you were going to “Change” yourself, your life, your reality? Are you thankful for the person who came into your life and was a big pain/challenge? Did you learn that, that person was your mirror?!? Are you grateful for that mirror that helped you choose peace? And choose to truly and honestly love yourself?

Beloveds, every moment in your lives, however much painful, and difficult, is for your benefit. It is for your upward journey to remembering the Master that you are. Self Mastery is your ultimate goal. And on your way there, you learn to be patient with yourself. Not to judge yourself. To be an observer of what is around you, and deeply appreciate your self. Focus on you! You are the number one love of you!

The love that you receive from your partner/lover must be second to your Own Love Of You! Let Self Love start with gratitude. Let gratitude, deep felt gratitude open your beautiful heart, then brain mind mechanisms, then easily float into joyful thoughts, moment by moment, being aware of your feelings, and being excited for no particular reason, because you have chosen to raise your awareness of where you are, with your feelings and your feelings are leading you to a space where more beautiful things are presenting themselves to your experiences and then more and more wonderful things are happening, coming to your reality.

And life becomes a beautiful experience that you are dancing with, playing with. You no longer wish or desire to control anything. For when you try to control life, things become pear shaped and painful; you become resistant to so many things that would otherwise make your life easier, you don’t want to experience that, instead you want to fly joyfully and be naturally at deep peace which becomes your beautiful destination.

We love each and everyone of you.

We are The Divine Feminine Collective. We Thank you.

~ The Divine Feminine Collective

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