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A Moment with The Cosmic Council of Twelve (21/12/22)

Beloved Beings, we are The Cosmic Council of Twelve, residing in the Cosmic realms of the Creator’s Universe. We work with your Higher Selves, on personal levels of your mission/journey on Earth. We are also responsible for your Souls, when they make a choice to create other aspects of yourselves.

You see beloveds, you have a soul, higher self, inner being; these are the same, except that your soul, has the ability to split into other eleven aspects of You! So, for example, you have you, that you call your name, residing here on planet Earth. The other aspects of yourself may also live on planet Earth but in different realms, dimensions from you. And they may be humans on earth, and they may be not. They may be dragons, merbeings, fairies etc; but from the one soul that is yours as far as you are concerned.

The Creator is magnificent in wanting to experience itself in many forms, through you. You are one and the same as the Creator beloveds. This has been said to you at many different times by many different Spirit beings.

As you continue to raise your vibrations, through joy, happiness, gratitude, you will get to know and even meet your other aspects. Will this be in this your lifetime? Some have already met their other aspects. Everything is possible beloveds. Everything is moving forward very fast.

We, The Cosmic Council of Twelve, are here today to thank you for your amazing turn around, of your support for planet Earth. We appreciate all your beautiful intentions for the whole planet. For togetherness in your planet. In our observation, more Love is intended, than not; and this is great for planet expansion, oneness, unity and togetherness.

You all know that you are stronger together than separated! We love you and we commend your loving, compassionate endeavours. We love each and everyone of you, just as you are. Thank you Nomanono for this moment.

We are The Cosmic Council of Twelve.

~The Cosmic Council of Twelve.

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