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A Moment with The Alcazar Group of Universal Masters (19/07/23)

Beloved Beings, we are always here with you, observing and witnessing your journey of various experiences. We have so much love and appreciation for what you have to cope with. The ups and downs of the 3D Planet that you live in. Yes, there are many challenges, even just getting out of bed, sometimes! However, we are celebrating where you are in each moment, for it is your evolutionary journey, wherever you are, whatever your experience is. We assure you, you will reach your destination, in amazingly exciting ways!

This time of your ascension and awakening is coming with gifts of energies that are very powerful for your bodies to cope with. You sometimes think that it’s you, doing something wrong, no, Beloveds, the Universe of the Creator is helping you to get to another level that is totally new to you and to what you have been used to. This is time for great celebrations, dear ones, because even when your body is aching/painful, in the way that this one experienced a few days ago, that soon lifts and opens for another wave of recalibration. So please be prepared for these ups and downs moments and don’t be alarmed.

Instead, celebrate even if you are lying on your back like this one, unable to get up and be as active as she would like, celebrate! Yaaay! We got her laughing now because she’s thinking and visualising herself jumping higher and higher, while she is flat on her back because a heavy energy is currently being poured onto her whole system, to help her release old limitations as well as create a new body, in steady processes. That’s what the Universe of the Creator/God is doing for each and everyone of you.

It is time to rise to a higher level Beloveds and this is the time. You are so loved and appreciated. The work that you have already done, and surpassed all expectations of the inner planes, is being rewarded in these great waves of transformational energies being poured into your bodies, everyone’s bodies to help get everyone to a level that is amazingly beautiful. We, as The Alcazar Group of Universal Masters, intend to Not Leave anyone behind. Even those who are slower than others, will be lifted and we are celebrating each and everyone in the planet, for as you continue living on Earth, this Earth is rising too, energetically. And we continue our celebrations! It is all very good Beloveds.

All because of your work energetically, you are succeeding in raising Earth up.

There will still be challenges, however, most of you are not fearful anymore, which is the greatest achievement. Our intention of lifting everyone and not leaving anyone behind is being achieved in various different stages. There are so many of you on the planet, with the intention of rising beyond all limitations. We applaud and celebrate your intentions because they are our intentions too.

We love each and everyone of you. We thank you Nomanono for this moment. Gently put your feet on the floor now, stretch your body gently and prepare to drive as you have to fulfil your appointment this morning. We are still celebrating!

~ Alcazar

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