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A Moment with The Alcazar Group of Universal Masters (14/11/23)

Beloveds we are here with you. We love you. We are here to encourage you to call on us, whenever you need help. When you feel uncomfortable in any way. When you feel overwhelmed. We are very aware that many of you are experiencing a lot of challenges and changes. Pains in your bodies. Confusion. Feelings of depression. Beloveds, it doesn’t matter what challenges you are facing. It may be financial challenges. Just ask to be held in Spirit’s Safety of Love. We are very good at this.

This one, Nomanono needed this support during some of her challenges. She called on all her Guides to help hold her in the safety of love. And we did. She was able to then go ahead and deal with what she needed to do.

Beloveds, because the Earth’s Timeline has changed; the new beautiful energies are flowing and flooding, your bodies and beings. They are sweeping away all that no longer serve any of you. It is all good Beloveds; however, be patient with yourself and do not be tempted into blaming yourself. Know that you are on the right paths as these challenges, however they show up, they are here as part of clearing all the debris in order for the new you to emerge in its full potential.

Some of you feel like you have been on the same journey, of clearing, even before the New Earth’s Timeline. Yes, this is true for some of you, however, keep going and keep asking for your Spirit Guides and your Key Ancestor Guides, to hold you in the safety of their love. It doesn’t matter when or where you are, Beloveds; we are always eager to serve you in love.

These are temporary challenges for all of you, because the beauty, the glory, the sunshine is calling you. Yes, amazing life is already here for you Beloveds. You are in a timeline that is filled with so much joy, happiness, deep gratitude for everything that is around you. When all the challenges leave your body and being, you will be constantly smiling and feeling joy, for no particular reason.

Everything around you will have amazingly vibrant colours. You will know that you have released all that no longer serve you and you have arrived where you can be at ease and continued happiness and joy.

There are some of you who are already experiencing this state. And that is beautiful. Please continue staying there! With those uplifting thoughts and feelings. Continue being grateful for all that is around you. Continue appreciating everything that is around you. Do not take anything for granted. Everything is here serving you gloriously and brilliantly. The beauty that is always present around you, is taking on a new meaning for you. You are expanding into different directions and dimensions. Life has never been so good, when you have dropped all that doesn’t serve you.

So, really, whatever challenges you’re having and experiencing, are worth every penny for you will soon be free as they make their final exit from your body, brain-mind mechanisms and beings.

We love you all deeply and dearly.

Thank you Nomanono for this opportunity.

We are Alcazar, The Group of Universal Masters

~ Alcazar

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