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A Moment with The Alcazar Group (20/12/23)

Beloved Souls, we come with our Love in this moment. We are always with you. We love you deeply. We are very excited in this moment because a lot of you are raising your vibrations in ways that are so expansive and beautiful. If you could see what we see, that you are unable to see about you; you would laugh with deep joy and much, much relaxation in your heart, mind and being. Most of you think that you are not doing enough for yourself, your family and for this planet.

Beloveds, when you are doing all that makes you feel excited, fills you with joy and happiness, and you are filled with deep gratitude for a lot of things around you; the good, the bad, the ugly; you are truly getting what your own creation is all about. You are already doing more than enough for yourself, your family and for this beautiful planet.

Whatever you do, for yourself with good intentions, you are already touching many people that you will never meet. You are spreading the LOVE that you are! You are helping on the Earth as well as in the inner planes. This is the beauty which is very exciting for us to see and witness. Some of you already know what we have been saying about your 2024, as a year of many challenges. The challenges that are personal as well as external and around you.

Beloveds, as long as you stay focused on feeling deep gratitude for everything, finding things that please you, and continuing to create whatever you choose, with deep Trust that All Is coming together for you, excitingly in Divine Timing, you will truly reap the rewards of your creation. Beloveds, you are the creator of your individual lives. When in the past, you have thought that everything you experienced was just happening to you; No Beloveds, things didn’t just happen to you, you created everything yourself except that you were Not conscious of your creations. You blamed others when things didn’t go your way, and thanked God when things went your way! You were fumbling along graciously because you didn’t know otherwise.

Now we are here telling you and teaching you how to Consciously create your life and reality in the way that you choose. Every moment is a moment of choosing to change your old ways or not. These are the very best times you are in beloveds. These are the times you chose to come and play with life and creation. These are the times you chose for your expansion and exploration of Self. And when you combine your personal knowledge, with all the experiences you have already had, together with choosing to ask your Spirit Guides and your Ancestors for guidance; and knowing that working together with your invisible Spirit Friends/Guides/Ancestors; you have a winning formula. You cannot go wrong and you cannot fail. You are a winner at all times.

And remember, listen to your inner guidance. Your intuition. Your Higher Self giving you guidance. Your Spirit Guides, your Ancestors, and your Higher Self (You) guiding you through your Higher Self. Once you get to understand all of this, your life begins and becomes great Fun! You have no choice other than fun of deep gratitude, joy, happiness, excitement and more and more situations, people, showing up in your life in moments that fill you with more joy, more reasons for happiness and gratitude.

When fearful situations come up, please choose peace. You have an abundance of helpers around you that will help you get to a state of peace. The Angels, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Nature Spirits, Your Key Ancestor Guides, the Air is always around you, and the slow deep breath in, and slow deep breath out, helps immediately and immensely in letting go of fear. Whatever fear.

We love each and everyone of you, deeply, Beloveds.

Thank you Nomanono for this wonderful opportunity.

We are The Alcazar Group of Universal Masters.

~ Alcazar Group

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