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A Moment with St Germain

Beloved beautiful souls, I am St Germain, coming to you at this time, to assist you, if you accept and choose to receive. For Beloveds, it is always your free will guiding the choices that you make. I represent a plethora of your Guides, known and unknown, all of us, United in this message of assisting you in this moment.

This is about physical manifestation of all that you desire. This is for those of you who are still struggling in this area.

I honour and appreciate all those of you who are already experts in the art and knowledge of manifestations.

For those who need this help and assistance; firstly, I ask you to remember that you are Divine. You are the pure aspect of God The Creator. Therefore, you are naturally divine. Never mind what experiences you have encountered, that have separated you from the divinity that you originally came into this lifetime with and as.

Whatever darkness you experience or choose to experience, knowingly or unknowingly; you are still divine. The pure divine part of you that was originally created for you, as you, has not diminished. It is just sitting within you, watching you go through your experiences, for it knows that, at some point, in this lifetime or next lifetime, you will seek connection with your own original you. So, it is all good Beloveds.

Now, coming back to the manifestation of your desires, into your physical reality; this is where your divine spark, or divine light helps you. Whenever you choose joy, happiness, excitement, gratitude, what you are actually doing, you are uplifting the light within you. I ask you now to be Consciously Aware of this divine light within you, honour it by choosing to emanate it. Because Beloveds, it is the light within you, the spiritual energy within you, whether you believe in spiritual energy or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s always there within you. You just need to consciously acknowledge this and know that you are already what you seek.

Trust and Faith are the ones that will support you greatly in creating all your desires, wishes, dreams, and aspirations. For example, if your desire is owning a beautiful home; see and feel yourself in that beautiful home, and affirm to yourself: “I Am the owner of this beautiful home!”Because Beloveds, you are already what you seek. And affirm with feelings not just thoughts but feel your affirmations as already happening or fulfilled.

When fear knocks at your door, with doubts that you are deceiving yourself, that you are not good enough, that who are you to think that you are Already what you seek, laugh, even if your own laughter scares you into thinking that you must be mad, to believe all of this; keep laughing, laughing at all that you are fearful of, laughing because it is a lie. Because it is a lie wanting you to remain in the old ways of thinking that you are not worthy! Laugh because you have the greatest support within you already. The Divine light that has been shining without you noticing it. The Divine light that is your original you. The Divine light that wants to hold your hand and guide you, bringing to you, all the experiences that you seek and are already You in every way!

Laugh beloveds because it is your time to shine. It is your time to harvest. It is your time to gather all the harvest that you are ready for. Laugh because you are ready. Laugh because you are not procrastinating any more. Laugh because your earlier doubts have now gone. You are happy and proud to be and have the powerful light of creation within you.

AND Beloveds, when you have deep trust in the Universal powers of creation, you are Not in this moment and in any other moment to worry about where money for all your desires and wishes comes from. Because Beloveds, the Universe is Vast and Intelligent. Just open your heart and arms wide to receive from the loving universe all the blessings.

I love each and everyone of you.

Thank you beloved Nomanono for this wonderful opportunity.

I am St Germain. I thank you.

~ St Germain

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