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A Moment with: Pallas Athena; Green Man; Epona Queen of the Fairies (04/10/23)

Beautiful Souls of the Earth, we come to you in deep love and appreciation of all that you are doing and being, in the midst of your individual journeys that are filled with challenges. We come to you as One even though we seem to be different. We are truly Not separate! Even though I, Pallas Athena is known as a Greek Goddess, so views of what I am, by the title that I am known as, gives an illusion of being up there, in the Universe with only God the Creator, who is also perceived, with illusion because of stories that have been told for eons.

Well, we tell you this; we are One. Our purpose is Love. Green Man is known only for the trees, and plants, mostly. And yet he is a lot more than this. Epona is known as the Queen of the Fairies, and yet, she is much more than this.

I, Epona, I am not known much, by many people. And yet, people are very familiar with Fairies. I also specialise in the knowledge and working, wisdom of crystals. All of these are here on the Earth to support each and everyone who is open to their energies and support. Everything that is in nature is here for humanity’s support. We Are Love.

Some of you see us. And play with us. There was a time, eons ago when we interacted with each other easily; until religions came and made sure that we were banned from all interactions with humanity. Even though this happened, some people continued and still continue to connect and communicate with us. We are very grateful for this. And all we are is LOVE!

I, Green Man, I am grateful for those people who continue to support us, by having annual festivals in honour of the Green Man. Yes, just like both Pallas Athena and Epona have said, we are One and we don’t see ourselves as separate. Unfortunately, humanity has been programmed and conditioned into Separation, not just with us, nature spirits, but with each other.

Today, the three of us come to you as One. Indicating and truly showing that, we continue in our roles here on Earth as both individuals as well as in Oneness with All that is here on the Earth. We love all living beings and all living things/creatures or should I say, creations. For each and everyone of us, including you, human beings, we are created In Love by the same Source of Love. We Are All LOVE!

We now come to you, as the voice of The Creator, that you too, Are; asking you to please Unite in Love. Let go of the conditioning and the programming into separation. You were programmed away from each other, in order to keep you fighting each other.

The time we are in now is the time of love. The Golden Era of Love Is Here. Start by loving your individual selves. Each moment that you shower yourself with love, instead of criticism, you are helping a bigger plan; that you were originally created as: The Oneness! This is why you affect all of your brothers and sisters in the whole vast universe, without you even knowing, noticing or thinking, as you go about your own daily chores and challenges.

We ask you to please, seriously consider why you have and always had this connection that you cannot escape, with other people. Why is it that, when something painful happens to someone else, you don’t even know, touches you? It is the proof of ONENESS that you have always been and you will continue to be.

You might as well start now to Consciously think, focus, and change back into Oneness, because this is what you naturally are! Drop the programming and conditioning that says you are white, black, yellow, brown or whatever! And this separation goes even deeper, in tribes! Your hearts are meant to beat in LOVE for one another. In Brotherhood and Sisterhood, in The Love that You Are!

We Love all of you so much.

We thank you Nomanono for letting us come through, in this precious moment.

We are Pallas Athena, Green Man, Epona Queen of The Fairies.

We thank you.

A Moment with Master Yeshua (11/04/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls. My brothers and sisters; I, Master Yeshua, come in this moment, answering a call for help from this one, Nomanono. It is a call that is universal, something that is universall


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