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A Moment with My Superconscious Self/My Divine Self/My Soul (02/10/22)

Beloved Me, You, Nomanono, My Love. My Seeker of All That Connects Us; The Oneness, The Togetherness, The Unity; That You, Me And Others Are, in this beautiful planet. Where we chose to come and play, in this time, connecting and being part of all that is Source, The Creator/God.

Let’s play, let’s have fun, let’s be all that we chose to be, in this vast playground called Earth! Let’s leave behind pains, struggles, lack, judgements of ourselves, judgements of others, blame, complaints, jealousies, not enough, not good enough, fear, Oh Fear, behind! We are bigger than these limiting qualities that do not serve anyone, other than keep giving us more strife and hardships!

It is our time now, to truly focus deeply in our hearts, go deeply into the vastness, the infinity that we are. Deep into the vortex, the zero point, the void, the place of nothingness and everything, the quantum field, without any doubts. The quantum field is not out there, but all around you/us and in you/us. You just don’t see it, Yet! And I am very pleased with you my Beloved Nomanono, that you open, see and travel deeply in your heart’s quantum field. Always Trust! The trust that is beyond all. Trusting in Spirit and yourself/ourselves. Please always trust and know that whatever challenges, obstacles, are showing up in order for you/us to rise above them. Yes you can always say, what William Linville says, to anything that doesn’t serve: Be Gone! Be Gone! Be Gone! With the intention to be all that is around us in joy, happiness, and our deepest desires in our living reality fulfilled. Let us all, bathe in our Pure Love, which is The Christ Consciousness Golden Love Light. The Sunshine of our Souls.

Because originally, we are already all that we are. We are not separate. We are Oneness. Physically we seem to be, in order to play as unique individuals. Energetically we are a Huge Bowl Of Soup/Jelly; held together by The One And All: Source/God/The Creator/Spirit and the Consciousness that is Mother Earth and Grandmother Earth Tiamat, The Dragon. The true and ultimate keeper of all of Beings, on Earth!

We are not separate. We have never been separate. We are only individuals for our individual lessons, on this Earth University, where both Mother Earth and Grandmother Earth Tiamat, have always held us all, in their Love, Fire of The Dragon Fire that They Are. Their tough scales of rocks made in the form of all the crystals and minerals and all precious soils showing up in various forms and names, such as gold, platinum, silver, energy - gas, electricity and more; for the benefit of all who walk and reside here, enjoying, and experiencing whatever they choose. Some aware and others not aware, of Nature Spirits, without whom we would not have or know of flowers, grass, trees, oceans, dolphins, whales and all of sea life; in this huge universe/university for ultimate love and unity. Let’s be bold in trust and know that we are the ones who create our individual lives.

We have the power and abilities to create all that we desire. We already hold and have all the qualities that we require for each one of us here, as individual souls, while energetically our hearts are connected from the Source that is the vastest of oceans; The Creator/God/Spirit, Mother Earth/Grandmother Earth Tiamat. Let’s open our hearts of the fire of love, the fire of joy, the fire of excitement, the fire of togetherness, the fire of peace, the fire of harmony, the fire of unity, the fire of Oneness with All That We All Are!

I Love You. I am here with you in this journey. I have always been here. You and me are One. I am in your laughter, in your joy, in your sadness, in your pain. As is The Creator/God/Spirit/ Source/Mother Earth and Grandmother Earth Tiamat. I ask you to be more in your joy and happiness, so we can soar and enjoy all your/our desires, with ease and grace. We are One! We are Spirit enjoying and experiencing our physicality.

~My Soul/SuperConscious Self/My Divine Self/My Inner Being/My Higher Self

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