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A Moment with Mother Mary and The Pleiadian Mother of Ancient Lemuria (28/03/24)

Beautiful Beloved Souls of this wonderful planet. The beautiful planet of Earth, we come to you now because it feels right. You are calling us in many ways, some of which you are not even aware. It is all very beautiful beloveds. Some of you are not aware of what Ancient Lemuria is. Well, it is what you all know as Hawaii. Around two hundred thousand years of your time, this is when, we The Pleiadian Mothers came to help birth a new civilisation. This followed many years of our planet, having been helped to rise in consciousness, by the Arcturian civilisation. So, it was our time to then help birth a new civilisation that would rise in consciousness, like we did, as the Pleiadian civilisation. This then means that, you, as this planet and civilisation of humanity, when you have raised your vibrations to a level of pure love, unity, oneness, joy, happiness, love embodiment, as the enlightened planet, you, as humans, will have the task of helping a new civilisation to awaken, ascend and be an enlightened planet/civilisation.

When we talk of enlightenment for the planet, we mean each and every soul of that civilisation. No more wars. No more separation with who you are. No more separation from the GodSelf that you are and have always been. No more fears. No more judgements. But just Pure Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Oneness. Getting back to your sovereignty, in every way. Every breath that you are and emanate. All That You Are!

This may seem too far fetched for some of you, because of the wars and chaos that are happening, however, you are already on the way. The most important thing right now, is for each and everyone of you, to focus on You as an Individual. Yes, you may wish to help your loved ones, to awaken alongside you, however, they may not be where you are at. So, letting them see your own personal experiences that will be tangible, may prompt them to ask you to help them in some ways that have helped you. So, dear ones, focus on spiritual self development, spiritual self awareness, self love. In this way, you are helping raise your planet, as you are already connected in the Quantum Field, in every moment.

Since Nomanono travelled from her home on Tuesday 26th March, 2024, Mother Mary and I, the Pleiadian Mother of Ancient Lemuria, made sure that she was aware that we were travelling with her. And we had great fun just observing her and her fellow travellers. By the way, she’s at Mt Shasta right now, a place that when she heard that The Easter Intensive was going to be the last one held in the current Stargate home; she wished and intended with her whole heart and being, to be in this workshop, starting on Friday 29th March 2024. And another driving desire for her to be here, she felt for a few days, (revealing a secret that she couldn’t make sense of) that she was coming to be with her parents of 2,000 plus years ago, who belonged to the Essene Community, were Master Yeshua’s disciples.

Beloved Nomanono, you were not being crazy with your thoughts of seeing your parents of those years ago.  Relax, and know that your parents wished and supported you into being in this workshop too. You and your parents, made this coming to Mt Shasta happen. Be pleased beloved and stop judging yourself as crazy! You are Loved by those who were in the Essene Community of that time.

It’s Mother Mary here now, beloved Nomanono, we have chosen to share your thoughts when you chose to be present here in Mt Shasta, in order to encourage others to accept whatever thoughts and feelings, that are intense and real like; for yours were really intense feelings that you were going to meet your parents who we lived with, in Mount Carmel. And for a few days you lived with this feeling and you were very happy. Yes, those moments were moments of creating your trip, beautifully, assisted by your Mount Carmel parents. See, we are in the Spirit world, as well as in your day to day experiences, when you allow us to be!

And beloved souls, another thing that Our Pleiadian Mother of Ancient Lemuria and I, Mother Mary, observed with great amusement and joy, on Tuesday 26th, when Nomanono travelled to the Premier Inn at Heathrow Airport, in readiness for her morning trip to San Francisco, yesterday 27th March, 2024, was that, she took her rucksack with her, and left her suitcase in the bus that dropped her off outside the Premier Inn! To cut a long story short, of how Nomanono was reunited with her beloved suitcase; she was in a very good mood that day anyway, with going to Mt Shasta. So, when she realised that she had left her suitcase in the bus, she had the deepest TRUST that she was going to get it because her Ancestors and All her Spirit Guides were going to make sure that this was the case! Nomanono, got back to the bus stop, got onto bus route 111 and spoke to the driver, who was very kind, drove back with her to Heathrow Airport, where this driver and another drivers decided on the best plan, as they realised that the bus driver that had the suitcase, was still on his way to Kingston. So, one of these drivers, drove back towards Kingston with Nomanono, and when it was time for him to end his shift, he gave instructions to Nomanono, to stand at a bus stop with buses from Kingston, stopping all the 111 buses and asking the drivers to let her check for her suitcase. And all the drivers were very helpful. Finally, there was the bus with a different driver but with the suitcase still patiently waiting for Nomanono! All Is Well That Ends Well with A Celebration of Gratitude to All Spirit Benevolent Beings and Nomanono’s Ancestors!!

Beloved Beautiful Souls we are always with you. Talk to us. Ask us to help you and we are Always happy to assist.

We love each and everyone of you, deeply.

Thank you Nomanono for your amazing trip to Mt Shasta that we chose to be part of, not just the two of us, but many, many others of us who are around you all the time, and of course your many many Ancestors!

We are, Mother Mary and The Pleiadian Mother of Ancient Lemuria. We thank you.

~ Mother Mary and The Pleiadian Mother of Ancient Lemuria

A Moment with Master Yeshua (11/04/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls. My brothers and sisters; I, Master Yeshua, come in this moment, answering a call for help from this one, Nomanono. It is a call that is universal, something that is universall


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