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A Moment with Mother Mary and The Ancient Masters of Lemuria (17/08/23)

Beloved Beautiful Sons and Daughters of All of us, the Ancient Masters of Lemuria and I, Mother Mary; we greet you with our Love and Peace. We love you deeply. Each and everyone of you. We shower you with our deepest energies of Peace, Forgiveness and Love.

Why forgiveness in particular? Because most of you are very angry at what has just happened in Maui/Hawaii; the Ancient remains of the mountain tops of what was originally Lemuria.

“We the Ancient Masters of Lemuria are not surprised at what happened. And we assure you all, that it is Not the end of the Spirituality of the place, for it remains stronger than it has ever been. The many thousands of our beloved children/souls who perished in the fires, are at peace and in new invigorated aspirations for a beautiful new future for the whole Island. The burnt out part, is intact, as we say, in the spiritual energies that are innately Ancient Lemuria’s!

“Forgive all that has happened, and go within yourselves, to find your deepest love, your deepest peace and deepest kindness for your individual selves. This is the time to really be totally and completely be in love with yourselves, beloved souls of the earth. We are very aware of those who are deeply traumatised by their experiences during the fires, who experienced these, first hand.

“And please remember that, you each have chosen to be where you are in this moment, experiencing all that you are experiencing, because you chose, before you were born, to be where you are right now, experiencing the highs and lows of that place, and in the process, rising above all limitations, all that does not serve you, and getting back home to Self Love! All trials and tribulations, are always about rising above what is not serving you in each moment. And the best way is always to hand over, all that troubles you to the Spirit Benevolent Beings. Including your Sun! And ask them to shower you with peace and love.

“You have already received guidance on how to let go of all that doesn’t serve you. We, the Ancient Masters of Lemuria, know each one of you, the Ancients of the Earth. You, who are reading these words, were in Lemuria before it sunk into the Pacific Ocean waters. Why did Lemuria sink? It was time for change. And we are not going to go into the reasons and whys because they are not serving any of you in this moment.

“We want you to remember that, as long as you find these words drawing you, and in sympathy with the resent fire happenings, it is because that part of the world, was your original home when you first came to Earth. We love you. We appreciate you. And we ask you to call on us, for support, when you feel low, confused, angry, and even when you want a comfortable embrace, during your sleep. We will be with you. Supporting you. Bringing you peace, love, and energies that give you strength to wake up in the morning, wanting to explore more of the beautiful things around you and all that you desire. We now hand you back to Mother Mary.”

My sons and daughters of the Earth, I am deeply grateful to the Ancient Masters of Lemuria in this moment, for their loving words of wisdom. I add to what they have said; that you must hand over all your pains, struggles, hardships to us. I ask you, to hand over all that troubles you to me, in exchange for peace and love. When you call on me, Mother Mary, asking for help, and asking me to take all your troubles and bring you peace, this is what you will receive from me: peace. I ask you to then, Not go back to the fear and worry about what you asked me to take from you, in exchange for peace; because by worrying you will take back to you, all that you let go to me, in the first place. And I ask you to keep reminding yourself of the peace from me and your letting go by saying to yourself: “The peace of the Mother fills my heart as I let go into her endless genius and grace.” In this way you are helping yourself to remain in peace and at peace, no matter what challenges there are in your world and experiences.

We are Mother Mary and The Ancient Masters of Lemuria. We love each and everyone of you. And we thank you Nomanono, for your time.

~ Mother Mary and The Ancient Masters of Lemuria

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