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A Moment with Mother Mary 23/08/22

Beloved Beings, I greet you with my Love. I greet you with all of my respect for you. I greet you, knowing and seeing you all, where you are at, in your journeys, at this moment.

I salute you, for I realise that you are truly doing the best you can. Some of you are having a wonderful time, following your joyful dreams and experiences. And I say, congratulations and keep up the fun, the happiness, the celebration; for this is what is needed my Beloveds; the moments of celebrating whatever moment you feel is to celebrate!

And I say to those of you who are currently having challenges in your personal lives and realities; remember that these situations, these challenges will also come to pass. It is a moment that is challenging, a moment that is here for you, to rise above it. There’s always a way, Beloveds, to overcome all that seems insurmountable! It is only a moment that is asking you, to ‘pivot’ in your mind, with your thoughts.

Look at it in this way: it needs you to leave the room you are at, or seat you are on, move and get out into some fresh air, stretch your legs, think of something else, that made you feel happy, yesterday, a day before, a year ago; because Beloved, this metaphorical moving out of a room, is helping you move away, from the mental groove where you are stuck at, focusing on your challenges! It’s a way to shift your focus! And it’s a journey, your journey Beloveds, that will get better and as I have said before, all challenges are temporary. Know that you are on the right track!

Never judge yourself. Judgement of self or of others, is a very low vibration that does not help you at all Beloveds. I know that some of you are getting this judgement thing, we, in Spirit have already spoken of. I am here to impress on you, to please, stop judging yourself, stop judging others. Accept yourself as you are. Accept others as they are!

I am aware of a lot of blame, and fear that is happening on Earth at this moment. Beloveds, you are all in this. You All contributed in what is happening in the your world right now. And it will also be in your own consciousness to change what is going on, and to rise above it all!

It has to start with you, individually, going within you, changing your own personal feelings, moving away from the old ways that you have always thought and felt about things. You are The Creator of your own life Beloved. This is your own personal journey, to start within!

Some of you are waiting on God/The Creator to change what is happening.

Beloveds, please understand this, clearly:

God/The Creator IS always with you, in every moment of your existence. God/Creator, amplifies and magnifies all your choices! This is because You All Have Choices. This is a planet of Freedom of Choice! Even though you are now feeling that your freedoms are being taken away, Beloveds, pivot from focusing on: self judgement, judgement of others, self blame, blame of others! For, whatever you think of, the Creator Amplifies and Magnifies.

Hear this again: God the Creator is The Fuel to all your thoughts and feelings!

So, decide now what you are going to focus on! Are you going to focus on painful situations or are you going to focus on happy moments that have happened before this challenge you are now facing?

You are better off feeling joy, gratitude, happiness, because God/Creator will amplify, magnify and fuel that for you; and slowly and gently, you will be changing your life, to beautiful outcomes, more and more. This is a simple recipe, Beloveds, to change your life experiences for the better!

I Love You and Shower You with My Pure Love and Blessings! I Bless You All in Your Journeys. I shower you with my Peaceful Energy. Receive Beloveds, Receive and Accept My Love, Compassion and Peace flowing over you in this moment!

I Am Mother Mary. I love you.

~Mother Mary

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