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A Moment with Mother Mary. (18/08/22)

Beautiful Beloved Beings, take a moment and think of what makes you really happy! What brings that joyous hearty laughter to you?

When you feel sad, what thoughts get you out of the heaviness of sadness?

Beloved Beautiful Children Of Mine, these days, I ask you to focus on uplifting thoughts. It is your job/duty to truly do this, these days, to honour yourself.

Even when you are facing a challenge, know that the challenge is Temporary! For, You Are Never Alone!

Always find a way of thinking of something uplifting. This may be something that happened years ago, but because when you recall it, you are changing your energies now, in this moment. You are doing a great service for yourself as well as a service for the human collective.

The Creator is always with you. But because I lived on Earth, many, many lifetimes, before the lifetime that you all know of, as the Mother of Jesus, I know the challenges of living on Earth.

I also know the way of living in different cultures, on Earth, because I have lived them. So Beloved, know this, I Love You With every fibre of my Being. I respect you. I respect your choices, in every moment of your existence.

I say to you, My Wonderful Children, I am always around you. Call on me! As many times as you wish. I will soften your anguish. You can either call out loud or call out silently. I promise to be there, for you. To help you, even for a moment, to breathe easily.

I also ask you to listen to your inner guidance/voice. Your intuition. Your gut feelings. And follow that guidance, which is from your Soul/Inner Being/Higher Self/God-Self. Trust Yourself!

I cannot do anything to help you without you asking me to. Because Beloveds, you have a gift of Choice from The Creator!

You have to choose to ask. And I must add that, no Spirit Being is allowed to intervene even when they know how to help you. You have to ask us.

I Love You! I shower you with My Unconditional Love.

Your Beloved Mother Mary. I Thank You.

~ Mother Mary

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