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A Moment with Mother Mary (17/05/23)

Beloved Daughters and Sons of mine, I love you. I am your Mother. My love for you is deeper than you can possibly comprehend. I know each and everyone of you. You wonder how that is possible? Everything is possible my beloved beautiful souls. When you know what you want, and go for it, in all your waking hours; you achieve it and become it. Or it becomes you. In other words, you manifest it! When I say go for it in all your waking hours, I do not mean physically, because that may not be quite materially possible for you in this moment. However, you have a bank of creating tools within you.

These start with a thought, a tiny seed. And the more you visualise and feel happy, joyful and excited about your desire, wish, whenever you think about it, the more you are creating it. Consciously, Beloveds! And please, Do Not focus on where you are going to get the money for what you want! Just focus on the item and money will take care of itself, based on your feelings, on how you are vibrating! The Quantum field Is Your Field of Creation! It monitors your vibrations! What you think and feel, creates your reality. Most of you already know this and you continue to create your beautiful lives. Thank you for this.

Those of you who have not been exposed to this knowledge of creation, are the ones I want to equip with these tools, for You are all my sons and daughters, and I don’t want anyone left out from this simple awareness, understanding and knowledge.

You can now look at your reality, to see what you are creating and have been creating, through your own frequency! If you are not satisfied with any of your current reality, this is your opportunity to start! Change your reality to what you would like!

These are the tools; the DOS and DO NOTS of Your Creation:

Let me start with DO NOTS!

Do not blame anyone for your failures. Instead be grateful that you failed because that failure inspired you to want something better.

Do Not Be Jealous of anyone who has what you want for yourself! Instead be supportive and be grateful for them and you! Why you? Because by being grateful for them you are already creating a better life and reality for yourself. And the fact that someone else has that thing you want for yourself, means that you will also have it or something else even better!

Do Not Complain about things not working out for you, because you will create more things not working out!

Do Not Be Bitter about anything! Instead be grateful. I mean deep gratitude, not what you think but what you feel!

Do Not wish anything Bad for people you don’t like or anyone! For you just cannot know where these wishes of yours will bounce to!

And Never Feel That You Are Not Worthy to receive or create for yourself, the most magnificent creation of your desires! Because my Daughters and my Sons, You are each very, very worthy! And you each deserve a wonderful life and reality!


Be grateful for everything, good and bad! I mean deep gratitude that you feel and not think. Why gratitude for everything? Because without the bad things showing up, you would not want to create something better?

Trust and have faith! If you don’t have faith and don’t trust yourself, trust God/The Creator! If you don’t believe in God nor the Creator; you must believe in something that keeps you alive! Trust and have faith in that thing that keeps you alive!

Appreciate nature around you and your pets at home.

This is how you raise your frequency in order that the Quantum Field brings to you all the goodness that you are emanating! Because with gratitude, and everything that pleases you, you automatically raise your frequency!

Beloveds, you all deserve beautiful, amazingly wonderful things to enjoy in your realities! You are all worthy of living wonderful lives and realities! So, please, start creating these beautiful things. AND, do not worry about money, just Trust and have Faith that money will show up for all your needs! In the meantime, nurture your creations with joy, happiness, excitement, and a strong belief/trust/faith that ALL Is So!

I love you deeply my Sons and Daughters. Thank you Nomanono for this beautiful moment.

I am Mother Mary.

~ Mother Mary

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