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A Moment with Mother Mary (15/02/24)

Beautiful Beloved Daughters and Sons of mine; I come to you now with my deepest love for you. I am always around you, loving you. And even in your deepest and darkest moments, I am with you. I am an everlasting cloak of love protection for you. You have always had my cloak because it was and it is my choice. I chose and choose to love all of you on the earth. This was my intention from many of my lifetimes. And I was finally able to be this Mother to All, through my experiences with the birth of the one that you know as Jesus, Yeshua, Jesus The Nazarene, Sananda. And after Jesus, my many other beautiful beloved children who I physically birthed. These beautiful souls all contributed to my heart opening up to loving and practising loving all of humanity, with all of me!

I am here in this moment to embrace you, comfort you and love you deeply. I am here also to tell you that you are doing great, even if you feel that you are not. As long as you have aspirations, trusting that all is working out for you, and also being very aware, that you create your own reality; as no one else will do this for you; you are on the right track. I ask you to please stop judging yourself as not good enough. You are very good enough, as long as you are here, in this planet, doing the very best that you can, for yourself and your loved ones. As long as you have good intentions in your heart, trusting that the Universe, Spirit, the Invisible World, has your back, In Love; you are doing great.

Have no intentions to hurt nor harm anyone. Just be the Love and Peace that you are capable of. Emanate the love. Radiate all your wonderful intentions for yourself and the world.

And please, do not judge those at war either. Send them your love. They are on their journeys too. It’s not for you to judge either side. Just shower them with love. Your thoughts of love are never wasted. Love and Peace are the energies that each and everyone has, however, some have chosen to close their hearts, mostly through judgement of others and themselves. And that is the biggest separation! When you see yourself as better than the other, either because of the colour of your skin, your wealth, where you live, how you speak, how many people you have helped, what you have done for so and so; you, beloved, are no better than anyone else because everyone is a divine being. Each and everyone of you/us, are from the same source of creation.

I, as Mother Mary, am no different from you, except that I am more experienced than you, which then helps me to understand and choose to love each and everyone of you, the same, at your individual levels of your journeys. Life on earth is an amazing adventure if you choose it to be. To not feel that you are a victim, because, every experience however difficult, you have created, you attracted it to your life experience in order to learn something about yourself. And then transform yourself into the person that is Love and Peace.

It is always about you, beloved. That person who is angry at you; your emanation has attracted them to you. So be grateful that you are always having these daily pointers; guiding you to change your thoughts and feelings. The ultimate goal for each and everyone of you, is to reach a state of calm, clarity, joy, happiness and living the Love that You Are! And at that point, life will be very fulfilling for you.

I love each and everyone of you deeply. Remember my cloak of love protection around you, and when you remember that I am there with you, tell me what you need help with. And trust me!

Thank you Nomanono for this opportunity in this moment.

I am Mother Mary and I thank you.

~ Mother Mary

A Moment with Master Yeshua (11/04/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls. My brothers and sisters; I, Master Yeshua, come in this moment, answering a call for help from this one, Nomanono. It is a call that is universal, something that is universall


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