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A Moment with Mother Mary (11/01/23)

Beloved Beautiful Children of Mine, I come to you in this moment, as your truly loving Mother. I embrace you in my heart and soul, hugging you like any loving Mother does. You are very precious to me. Know that I am always here, there, for you. I’m calling you home to me, to you, in each moment of your living. You see, a truly loving Mother wants the very best for their child, at all times.

What I want for you my Beloveds, is for you to love yourselves. Because that is coming home to you, your truth of who you are. You are love Beloveds, but on a journey filled with distractions, that bring your frequency down. Some of you don’t even realise that the thoughts that you automatically follow, are not your truth. Your truth is always based and coming from the truth that you are, of pure love.

The lies that you tell yourselves, unconsciously and believing that this is who you are, are temporary diversions, taking you on a longer than necessary journey. However, this is what you are at, and at some point, that is right for you, something will show up, and you will be ready to wake up. Are you awake? Yes! I am sure most of you think that you are.

If you truly are awake, Beloveds, I applaud you. So to those who are not sure if you are or you know that there are things that you still need to release from within you, then I applaud you because you are the one who is awake and know that you have to let go of a lot of stuff. And the common stuff to release from your cellular structures is Judgement! Judging yourselves and also judging others.

Beloveds, please don’t judge yourselves so harshly; and don’t judge others either. When you catch yourself judging, immediately think of something nice about that person. And when you judge yourself, think of something wonderful about yourself.

And when those close to you, start judging others in your presence, if you are not in a position to verbally counter their judgements with something nice about that person, think quietly of nice and loving things about that person, even if you don’t know them, because every person has something good about them. Or just send your love out to them. Negative judgements are the bringers of the worst situations in your lives. They are low vibrations and then keep you in a cycle of no progress with your life, but in perpetual chaos, struggles and suffering.

I therefore call you back home to the pure love that you are. The great, wonderful and powerful loving heart and soul that you are. I am always here. Call on me Beloveds. I will always find a way to guide you. Learn to listen to your intuition for your guidance. Remember that, when you ask, we always respond by finding ways to help you. And it’s up to you to be on the lookout, observe and be the witness to the manifestation of your fulfilled dreams and desires.

I love you deeply. Each and everyone of you is in my heart. Thank you Nomanono for this moment. I am Mother Mary.

~ Mother Mary

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