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A Moment with Mother Mary (09/12/22)

Beloved Beings. My beautiful children on the Earth. Beautiful Souls of Love. I come to you in this moment, celebrating you, my presence, and the presence of my beloved son, Yeshua/Jesus, at this time of year, in your lives.

I shower you with my deepest felt love for each of you, regardless of whether you believe in Christmas or not. The most important thing for me, is the celebration and remembrance of our time on Earth, at this time.

The energy of love that is pulsing through the world. And we are aware of the ups and downs, that are happening in your lives. Some will be out in the streets, without food. We still shower all, in the world, with our love. I come with my never ending love for you, thanking you.

For without who you are, there’s no me, as your Mother, who loves you. We are one, my beloved. We are always one, wherever you are in your journey of life. You are always my beloved child. I am always there with you, whether you are aware of me or not.

When you are in joy, I rejoice with you. When you are in pain, I suffer with you. So, you and me are always together, connected in many ways. I am always there, with you, calling you to me, my beloved child. You are divine. And you will always be divine. I love you. Know that you are never alone, in all your circumstances, I am there with you.

In your moments of struggles with your inner turmoil and your inner darkness, I am there! Please call on me, for I have many resources, at my disposal, to help guide you, to the path of your highest power and strength. Have a very blessed day, in all days, beloved.

Thank you Nomanono for this moment. I love each and everyone of you, the same, in your diverse individuality.

~ Mother Mary

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