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A Moment with Mother Mary (07/11/23)

Beloved Beautiful Souls this is your Mother, choosing to remind you in this moment, that a lot of you are in the process of letting go of situations that no longer serve you. And this releasing and letting go, has its own challenges. It is like you have this internal emotional battle happening within you. Beloveds, it is all good!

Remember to keep choosing rising above whatever you are currently experiencing, because, in truth, it is on its way out. And your Higher Self would not let you face this if you were not capable of dealing with it, feeling it, facing it, deciding that it no longer serves you, in whatever shape, form, experience and that you are ready to let it all go, for you to embrace the New You! Remember, the Earth’s Timeline is New! All very good Beloveds.

Remember that these lower vibrations, showing up for you, in various ways, are ready to leave you in your deep peace, if you will allow that for you and your Higher Self. Say to yourself: “I allow myself to be free now, in the past, present and future!” “I open up to receiving All the Love of the Creator/Universe/God, that is now continuously showering onto the Earth.” “I am Grateful. Thank You. Bring Me More Love and Peace!”

You see Beloveds, you chose the path you are on and experiencing because you were already enlightened but chose to start all over again, being part of those who chose unconsciousness, as part of your overall service to the Creator/God because you were already this Vast Multidimensional Being. So, even if you don’t believe this of you, because of the current, Temporary, I must add; suffering you are experiencing, you Are capable of connecting again, with your deep loving heart. Loving You!

You see, the game of life and living on Planet Earth, for each and every ascended master that you have heard of, for example, Master Yeshua/Jesus, Lord Buddha, Mary Magdalene, Goddess Isis, Goddess Kuan Yin, to mention just a few, have experienced various forms of pain, suffering, struggles, and this includes Me, your Mother Mary. Therefore, I know that these things are temporary, for any of us to not give up, but keep calling out to the Angels for help. If not the Angels, any of the Ascended Masters. These beings, are the extension of The Creator’s energetic soothing hug/embrace and deep love for you.

You are so deeply loved, Beloved Souls. Just know this, you are in a huge theatre on planet Earth. Or a vast school of planet Earth, where every part you play, helps you get close to the beautiful gem that you hold deeply within you…. your heart! The heart has the LOVE and PEACE that is beyond imagination and that Is Yours and it is You! The wholeness that you are and you have always been. The love that you seek outside of you, is already within you, Beloveds.

I hold each and everyone of you, in my deep vast heart, pouring my never ending love into your beautiful being.

I love each and everyone of you.

Thank you Nomanono for this moment.

I am Mother Mary. I thank you.

~ Mother Mary

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