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A Moment with Mother Mary (03/01/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls, I come to you with my deepest love for each and everyone of you. My love is unconditional for all of you. You are all very special, in your special unique way that is yours and at the same time, you are no more special than any other person. I see you as these beautiful, radiant beings in very special ways. I love you so. And you may not be feeling radiant at all, thinking of so many things that are troubling you; but to me, I know the radiance that you naturally are, and that is what I choose to see in you. A Mother always feels love for her special unique children. You are my beloved beautiful special ones. It doesn’t matter to me whether you are a man or a woman, you are just Beautiful.

It doesn’t matter to me right now, whether you are in pain, you are in joy, you are in great financial abundance, you are homeless, I love you just the same. Your circumstances and your journeys are all different. That doesn’t mean I love you less when you are experiencing hardship. I love each of you deeply and unconditionally.

I ask you to ask me, call on me, to embrace you in my deepest compassion and my deepest peace. And please, do not judge yourself harshly if at this moment, an old limitation that you thought you had dealt with, shows up. It is all okay, as it is here on its way out. Even if it is something that has been with you all of your life and you think that it is never going to leave you; beloved, just ask for help, from so many of us around you. Do not suffer in silence alone. We are many and ready to lend a shoulder for you to lean on. Well, an energetic shoulder!

As a lot of loving pure energies from the Creator are being showered into the planet, and have been pouring onto all of you, whether you were aware of them or what was happening, or not, the most important thing that you must know is that, these energies are stirring up a lot of stuff that needs to get out of your bodies and auras in order for you to be elevated to a better aspect of you. A joyful and happy you.

You are being showered by cleansing and purifying loving energies of the Creator, that are forcing out of your systems, all the stuff that you have to look at, deal with and let it go. It is time that you release the old energies. Old ways of being. Let go of the angers, the judgements of yourself and others. Do not ignore what comes up for you, look at it, ask yourself questions of the roots of what you are feeling or whatever discomfort you are experiencing, this is so that you get to realise why you are angry, judgemental, and then let all of these thoughts and feelings that don’t serve you, out of your system, thereby bringing happiness and joy into your heart, just for working out and understanding why you were feeling the way that you did.

This is why you must ask for help. If you have friends that you can talk to, please do. It is always good to seek help from those you can trust, around you. And you can also talk to us, even though you will not get an answer in the way that a friend would reply to you; we work energetically. When we shower you with the energy of peace, you do feel it. When you feel calm after saying everything to us, the invisible ones, it is because we shower you with appropriate energies at any given moment.

Thank you Nomanono for this wonderful moment.

I love each and everyone of you deeply and unconditionally.

I am Mother Mary. I thank you.

~Mother Mary

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